Frequently asked questions


About Car-Sharing

What is car-sharing?

Car-sharing is a ground-breaking new way of having a car in the city. Our cars "free-float" in major city centers and can be rented on-demand with just one app. Find our cars waiting for you around every other street corner and unlock them in just a few taps. There's no minimum trip duration – meaning you could simply drive a SHARE NOW car for just 2 minutes if you like. Or drive out of town for loooonger roadtrips.

Car-sharing was first invented in Ulm, Germany, in 2008, by some very clever engineers. Thanks, engineers!

What are the benefits of car-sharing?

Car-sharing challenges the very idea of car ownership. A single shared car takes up to 11 privately owned cars off the streets. In the long run, this reduces traffic congestion and overall carbon emissions in the world's most metropolitan cities.

Hitting the road shouldn't give you bad karma. Today, every second SHARE NOW city has electric cars in our fleet. Electric cars are the future and we're betting big on guilt-free and silent driving. Our promise to you: A growing electric fleet – every year.

Why owe the bank anything just to have a car in the city? Mobility shouldn't be a financial burden. When you car-share, you're claiming personal freedom. For as low as 0,19 € per minute, car-sharing with SHARE NOW covers the fixed costs of car loans, car insurance, and overall maintenance.