Driver's Seat Stories: Jan Hartwig

Welcome to Driver’s Seat Stories, a brand-new series in which we’re taking a closer look into the lives and routines of our international SHARE NOW community. In the very first episode of the new series, we accompanied three-star Michelin chef Jan Hartwig for a day in and around Munich, Germany.

Hartwig took us to his favourite suppliers, explained how he uses car-sharing to get around and gave us an exclusive sneak peek into his new pop-up restaurant ‘Jan’. He goes into detail about how important time management is to a world-class chef, as well as the importance of developing personal bonds with his suppliers. Car-sharing gives Jan Hartwig the flexibility to do both, whilst maintaining a focus on sustainability.

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08:50 AM, Viktualienmarkt Munich

It’s early doors and Jan is at the famous Viktualienmarkt in Munich in search of the perfect base product for his creations. For a world-class chef, the quality of the ingredients is hugely important and Jan travels to see his trusted suppliers in person. It’s for this reason that SHARE NOW car-sharing fits seamlessly into the lifestyle of a top chef, providing the flexibility needed in such a fast-paced and unpredictable environment.

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11:35 PM, Jamei Laibspeis Cheese Factory

By late morning Jan Hartwig is on the road again, this time headed to the Jamei Laibspeis Cheese Factory in Kempten 130 kilometres from Munich. On the road, Hartwig talks about how being free from the burdens that come with traditional car ownership - such as tax, insurance and depreciation of the car itself - is reassuring. The chemistry and trust have to be there for a relationship between a supplier and top chef to work - it’s a bond that can only be formed face-to-face.

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2:10 PM, Fish Farm Birnbaum

In the afternoon, we follow Jan Hartwig as he continues his journey to another supplier - Fish Farm Birnbaum in Penzing, some 60 kilometres from Munich on the return leg of the round trip to Kempten. Hartwig describes how his time on the scenic roads around this part of Germany gives him the opportunity to let his mind wander and generate ideas for new culinary creations. For him, being conscious of sustainability is important when it comes to everything from farming to mobility.

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3:55 PM, Restaurant Jan

Jan Hartwig arrives back in Munich in time to prepare for the evening service at his new pop-up restaurant, Jan, which he says is designed to create great experiences with people and for people. Hartwig has a pop-up restaurant on the grounds of Schloss Nymphenburg whilst his permanent location is being completed. As he prepares a dish, he discusses how SHARE NOW allows him to plan his trips “a la minute”, and how important time management is to a world-class chef.

Jan Hartwig's

Curious about what a top chef's day looks like? You can watch the full episode of our Driver's Seat Stories: A day with Jan Hartwig, on YouTube or in the player above. Stay tuned for more episodes of Driver’s Seat Stories coming in the near future.

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