Frequently asked questions


Fueling & Charging

Do I need to refuel or charge SHARE NOW cars after each trip?

No. We don't expect you to refuel or charge our cars when you're done. However, if you do, the cost of fuel is covered by us.

What are partner fuel stations?

In some countries, we partner up with specific fuel stations so you don't have to pay for fueling yourself. However, we currently do not have partner fuel stations in North America.

This means you can fuel up our cars at any fuel station. Of course, we'll gladly reimburse you. Simply email us a copy of the receipt, the car's license plate number, and the time of your trip.

How do I refuel SHARE NOW cars?

You don't have to refuel our cars, but if you choose to, the cost is on us.

Here's how it works:

  1. $5 will probably get you where you need to go, so just fill up a bit and we’ll take it from there!
  2. Please use Premium or Supreme Gas fuel (fuel octane rating of 91 or above).
  3. Send us an email with a copy of the receipt, the car license plate number you drove, and the time of your trip.
  4. We’ll confirm the refuel and reimburse you with SHARE NOW credit to use towards a future trip.

What are partner charging stations?

You don't have to charge our cars, but if you do, the cost is on us! Simply check the app for all partner charging stations in your area.


E.ON (Copenhagen)

Autolib' (Paris)

Innogy, Vatenfall, The New Motion Deutschland (Berlin)
RheinEnergie (Cologne)
RheinEnergie, SWD (Dusseldorf)
EnBW, Vattenfall (Hamburg)
SWM (Munich)
EnBW (Stuttgart)

We charge the cars for you in Budapest.

A2A (Milan)

Vattenfall (formerly Nuon)

We charge the cars for you in Madrid.

How do I charge an electric car?

We currently do not have any partnerships with charging stations in North America. Any electric cars in the fleet will be charged by our team.

How can I earn SHARE NOW credit?

Credit is an easy and flexible way for you to earn as you go. It's our way of thanking you when you care for our cars. We currently do not have ways for you to earn credit in North America, but we're working on it!