Vienna, November 29, 2022

SHARE NOW Receives Two Awards at the ÖGVS App Award 2022/23

  • SHARE NOW is TOP app across all industries

  • SHARE NOW takes first place in the car-sharing category

  • Growing demand for car-sharing in Vienna

As part of the independent study of the ÖGVS-Gesellschaft für Verbraucherstudien mbH (Society for Consumer Studies) one of the largest Austria-wide rankings in the field of app satisfaction "ÖGVS-APP-Award 2022/23", the best providers were determined from more than 55,000 judgments of users on a total of 452 apps from 55 industries. SHARE NOW, the European market leader in flexible car-sharing, won in two categories. In addition to the "TOP app across all industries" award, the company also secured first place in the car-sharing category with its service app.

"The award is a great recognition for the constant further development of our specially developed app. The key is simplicity for customers. On the technical side, more than 250 microservices ensure a seamless user experience, while on the customer side, a shared car can be rented in just a few seconds. This is how we make sustainable mobility in Vienna accessible in just a few clicks," says Olivier Reppert, CEO of SHARE NOW.

SHARE NOW usage on the rise

The fact that the SHARE NOW offer appeals to users is not only shown by the app award, but also by the increasing demand for the car-sharing service. Compared to the previous year, a total of 15 percent more people used SHARE NOW in Vienna in October 2022. In total, the Viennese covered 1.5 million shared kilometers last year, which is equivalent to almost 38 laps around the earth.

The goal of SHARE NOW is to encourage more and more people to switch to car-sharing in order to relieve cities of traffic and create more space for residents through shared mobility.