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SHARE NOW is Europe’s leading carsharing company, but don't just take our word for it! Synonymous with the invention of free-floating carsharing, we've been revolutionising the mobility industry since 2009. With millions of customers across 16 major cities having their say, SHARE NOW maintains positive ratings on both the Apple App Store (iOS) and Google Play Store (Android). Here's why our free-floating carsharing community is trusted all over Europe.

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Loved on Android and iOS


With almost 100,000 app store reviews across iOS and Android, SHARE NOW is no stranger to being under the microscope. As a pioneer in the car-sharing business, customers have been having their say about our free-floating service for more than a decade.

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And the numbers don't lie - with average ratings of four-and-a-half stars on both mobile platforms, it's fair to say that SHARE NOW is loved by drivers in both the Apple and Google ecosystems.

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Delivery room dash

ChristophWe haven't had our own private car for a few years now, and we also gave up my company car at some point. It's just not worth it for us to own a car. The parking situation in Hamburg doesn't make it any better. That's why we use car sharing about three times a week.

SabineOur circle of friends had joked that we'd probably go to the delivery in a smart - and that's how it turned out: out of panic, I sat on the floor while Christoph went to get a SHARE NOW smart. It's still the running gag with us now.

The 75-year-old Viennese

Eva: My kids used car-sharing and convinced me to sign up as well. I find it fun to try out different cars and drive a different model every now and then. I think car-sharing is perfect for people who live in the city and don't need a car for cross-country trips. Car-sharing helps to reduce the number of cars on the road in the city because several people share one car. Basically, I think free-floating car sharing is a great system.

The MINI loving convert

Carolin: After 17 years of always owning a car, I sold my beloved MINI. Why? I didn't need it anymore. Vienna has a very well-developed public transport network. Then there were the running costs - for a car that just sits around and ekes out an existence, it was simply too expensive. I also wanted to do my bit for the environment. I haven't owned a car for 10 months.

However, sometimes life throws you situations where you can't take public transport, and that has happened to me. SHARE NOW is an incredibly good app and clever system. I was worried at the beginning, but the fear was quickly taken away when I realised how easy it was. I'd like to thank the people who invent and develop such car-sharing services and make my life easier and more independent!

The Bavarian convert

Micha: I took a trip in a BMW 2 Series Convertible with SHARE NOW and embarked on a lake tour in Bavaria and then to visit clients. The car is fun! Everything worked wonderfully - from free refuelling outside of Munich, to unlocking and locking the car with the app. I just had to quickly look in the airport parking spots before I found this beautiful car.

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Why drivers love SHARE NOW

At SHARE NOW, we know car-sharing is the best way to drive. It's not just that our cars are available around every street corner, there are a whole host of reasons why the car-sharing community believes in our vision for the future of urban mobility. Here are some of the reasons why our new brand of car rental is loved by drivers.

Car-sharing helps cities with the reduction of congestion, air pollution and the shortage of parking spaces. In addition, older cars, less eco-friendly cars are replaced by new, low-emission and electric cars. The growing use of electric cars in free-floating car-sharing is a logical extension of the sustainable concept we are seeing today.

Our rates are all-inclusive and flexible to your needs. Fuel, parking, maintenance - it's all included! You can pay for your trip by the minute, hour, or choose one of our daily rates. Simply select the most cost-saving rate in the app before each trip. Transparent, flexible, affordable - that's SHARE NOW.

You can contact our awesome customer support team 24-hours a day, 7 days a week. SHARE NOW experts are reachable via email or telephone. Quick links to customer service options are available in the app, so no matter what happens when you are out, the right assistance is just a few button taps away.

Besides the iconic smart fleet, our global fleet features a range of models from Italian classics from Fiat to high-end Mercedes-Benz, BMW, and MINI cars. There's nothing stopping you from driving in comfort and style.

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