Score big with sustainable mobility at UEFA 2024

As football fever takes hold and anticipation builds for UEFA Euro 2024, fans from around the globe are gearing up for a spectacular event. Host cities are busy with preparations, and amidst the excitement, the need for efficient and sustainable transportation solutions becomes essential. UEFA Euro 2024 not only promises thrilling football matches but also the opportunity for a cultural experience in the host cities. Navigating the bustling streets, finding parking, and dealing with traffic congestion can, however, pose challenges to both locals and visitors. This is where the concept of car-sharing emerges as a game-changer.

Practical tips for car-sharing during UEFA Euro 2024

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Plan ahead

With thousands of fans heading to host cities, planning your car-sharing trips in advance is crucial. Booking rides early ensures you secure the transportation you need, especially during peak hours or high-demand periods. Keep in mind reception and mobile data might be weak due to the high concentration of people in the area, so by planning you don't need to go through the full booking process on the spot.

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Leverage mobile apps

Most car-sharing or ride-sharing services have mobile apps that make booking, tracking, and paying for rides a seamless process. Take advantage of these (and public transport) apps to enhance your overall transportation experience and make sure you have all the important mobility apps on your phone before you head out to the games or to explore the host city.

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Explore beyond the stadium

UEFA Euro 2024 is not just about the matches – it's an opportunity to explore the diverse offerings of the host city. Utilize car-sharing to venture beyond the stadiums and discover hidden gems, turn it into a day trip, and explore the Mercedes-Benz museum in Stuttgart, Hamburg's thermae, or one of Berlin's many vibrant neighborhoods.

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Get into the team spirit at a public viewing

Now that you're prepared, you're all set to tap into the camaraderie of football fandom! Create connections with fellow fans, whether you're cheering together at thrilling public viewings or sharing the excitement during the matches. Discover the best spots to watch the games, from the bustling Fan Zone at Brandenburger Tor in Berlin to relaxing and watching the game by the Main river in Frankfurt. Building connections with like-minded enthusiasts not only enhances the overall experience but also creates lasting memories of shared excitement throughout the tournament and fosters a sense of community.

As UEFA Euro 2024 approaches, the importance of sustainable and efficient transportation solutions can't be ignored. By embracing shared mobility, participants can contribute to a more sustainable tournament experience while enjoying the thrill of UEFA Euro 2024 to the fullest. Whether you're cheering for your favorite team or exploring the host cities, shared mobility offers a practical way for football enthusiasts to make the most of UEFA Euro 2024.

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