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A guide to exploring Paris during the global games

The biggest event of the summer is almost here, promising exciting sports and a chance to see the world come together. As the City of Light gets ready to welcome millions of visitors, it’s also preparing for a lot of traffic and busy streets. If you’re a local or a visitor looking to escape the crowds, now is the perfect time to consider long-term car rentals and explore the peaceful and beautiful places just a short drive away from Paris.

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Score big with sustainable mobility at UEFA 2024

As football fever takes hold and anticipation builds for UEFA Euro 2024, fans from around the globe are gearing up for a spectacular event. Host cities are busy with preparations, and amidst the excitement, the need for efficient and sustainable transportation solutions becomes essential. UEFA Euro 2024 not only promises thrilling football matches but also the opportunity for a cultural experience in the host cities. Navigating the bustling streets, finding parking, and dealing with traffic congestion can, however, pose challenges to both locals and visitors. This is where the concept of car-sharing emerges as a game-changer.

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Traditional car rental vs. peer-to-peer car-sharing

The choice between traditional car rental and peer-to-peer car rental platforms has become increasingly significant for modern travelers. In this blog post, we explore the contrasting worlds of industry giants such as Sixt and community-driven pioneers such as Turo or Getaround. Join us on a journey where we help you choose the best travel rental companion for your next adventure.

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Earth Day actions for a more sustainable future

The way we move has a profound effect on our environment. Personal vehicles contribute significantly to carbon emissions and congestion. Earth Day falls on April 22nd every year, and it's the perfect time to rethink our transportation habits. Embracing car-sharing is a great start. It's a small gesture that says you care for the Earth and help reduce the number of vehicles on the road, and our collective carbon footprint by doing so. But why stop there? This April 22nd, take Earth Day beyond awareness by adopting sustainable actions into your daily routine. In the blog post below, we dive into small actionable steps you can start today to make a real difference for the environment.

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Celebrating the women pioneers in the world of mobility

The automotive industry, often perceived as male-dominated, has been significantly shaped by remarkable women whose contributions have revolutionized the way we move and perceive transportation. This post celebrates these women, from Bertha Benz's historic road trip to Suzanne Vanderbilt's design work, and highlights others who have left a clear mark on the industry.

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Car subscriptions: The new way to experience mobility

The traditional car ownership model is transforming as we enter an era where flexibility and convenience are key. With the rise of car-sharing services, it's clear that owning a car is no longer the only option for personal mobility. One of the newer ways of car-sharing is the car subscription service, which offers a flexible and convenient alternative to traditional car ownership. More and more people are opting for these longer car subscriptions, as they offer a refreshing change from the commitments and hassles associated with owning a regular car.

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Taxi vs. car-sharing

In the rapidly evolving urban transportation landscape, the need for reliable transportation has become increasingly important. Hailing a conventional taxi has been the go-to solution for many years but with the rise of apps and technology, car-sharing services have started to take off. While both offer a convenient mode of transportation, they each cater to distinct needs and preferences. In this blog post, we will explore the strengths and weaknesses of both mobility options, shedding light on why one option stands out as the clear winner.

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The real cost of owning a car

Car-sharing has become an increasingly popular mode of transportation, especially in urban areas where owning a car can be costly and inconvenient. SHARE NOW is one of the leading car-sharing providers, offering a range of services to meet the needs of both private and business customers. One of those services is the car-sharing service for businesses, which provides numerous benefits to companies of all sizes. We'll be digging deeper into the benefits of corporate car-sharing, so keep reading if you're a company or freelancer looking to optimize the way you or your employees commute.

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