Frequently asked questions



Can I book a car in advance?

Yes, you can.

Pre-booking is free and lets you decide exactly where and when you want your car. We'll bring your pre-booked car to within walking distance of your requested pick-up address — within the Home Area, of course!

Pre-booking is exclusively available for long-term rentals from 1 to 30 days. Learn more about pre-booking here

Where is pre-booking available?

Pre-booking is currently available in the following countries:


How far in advance can I pre-book a car?

Currently, you can pre-book a car from 3 to 45 days in advance.

How will I know when my pre-booked car is ready?

Your car will be ready for you at your pick-up location roughly 1 hour before start time. We'll notify you via email and SMS as soon as the car is ready for you.

What happens if I'm late to pick up the car?

Don't worry. We'll make sure the car stays reserved for you up to 1 hour after your requested pick-up time.

After 1 hour, your pre-booking will be automatically cancelled and you will be charged 1 full rental day (24 hours).

Will my pre-booked car be delivered to the exact pick-up location I ask for?

Our goal is to make sure you don't have to walk more than 10 minutes (roughly 800m) to reach your pre-booked car.

How will I find my pre-booked car?

When the car is ready for you, we'll notify you via email and SMS. Simply open the SHARE NOW app. The car will already be reserved for you on the map. Just walk over and start your trip in the app!

How can I cancel my pre-booking?

Simply email or call us as soon as possible. Cancellations are free if you contact us at least 3 hours before your requested start time. After that, the price of 1 full day (24 hours) will be charged as we would have set aside the car just for you. We hope that sounds fair!

Can I use a different SHARE NOW car during my pre-booking?

Once the pre-booked car has been reserved for you 1 hour before start time, you will not be able to reserve or rent other SHARE NOW cars.

Can I let someone else drive the car using my SHARE NOW account?

No. At the moment, only the person who owns the account may drive the car. However, for safety reasons, we know that everyone needs a co-pilot for long trips. We're working on eventually enabling this feature so you can have more freedom during your long drives!

What are partner fuel stations?

You don't have to refuel our cars, but if you do, the cost is on us. Fuelling your SHARE NOW car is free – as long as you do so at a partner fuel station. Simply check the app for all partner fuel stations in your area. We provide a prepaid fuel card in each of our cars (glove compartment or armrest), which you can use at the following petrol stations:

BP, Avanti, OMV, Agip.

Circle K

Shell, Esso, Avia (Shell fuel card)
Aral, Total (Total fuel card)



In Denmark and Hungary, if you fuel your car at a non-partner fuel station, you have to pay for it yourself. In other countries, if you fuel your car at a non-partner fuel station, you have to pay for it yourself and send the original receipt to us. A processing fee will then apply.

How do I refuel SHARE NOW cars?

How do I refuel SHARE NOW cars?

You don't have to refuel our cars, but if you choose to, the cost is on us and we'll even give you credit for it! Here's how to refuel our cars:

1. Go to a partner petrol station.
2. Look for the prepaid fuel card in the key card holder (in the glove compartment or armrest).
3. The PIN for the fuel card will be displayed in the app
4. Determine the correct fuel type by checking inside the car's fuel tank door.
5. Enter the fuel card PIN at the gas station terminal.
6. Fuel up and keep the receipt.

Watch video: How to refuel SHARE NOW cars

Hint: Each time you fully refuel a car that has less than 40% of fuel you earn 5€ of credit. This will be used to pay for your trips and trip-related costs. Fueling is free unless you do so at unapproved petrol stations. In these cases, you'll have to pay for it yourself and send the original receipt to us. A processing fee may then apply.

Will pre-booking be made available in other SHARE NOW cities?

Eventually, yes! Our goal is to enable pre-booking for even more SHARE NOW cities. So stay tuned for more.