Support for Ukraine

"SHARE NOW strictly rejects any kind of violence and war."

20220301 SN Support for Ukraine

The situation in Ukraine has left us all in shock. Many people have had to leave their homes and flee their country. In the upcoming days and weeks, they will reach Germany and other European countries. Both the refugees and the people on the ground in Ukraine are now in urgent need of help.

European values like freedom, pluralism, tolerance, justice and solidarity are as much a part of our DNA as car-sharing itself. We are a world-open, diverse company with European roots. Our team consists of employees from over 30 nations, including many colleagues who are from Ukraine or have family and friends there. The developments of the past few days have also deeply affected us at SHARE NOW.

The Ukrainian government has already asked the international community for support – and SHARE NOW will participate in the relief efforts. Our engagement includes the following measures:

Emergency Aid for the ICRC

As immediate emergency aid, SHARE NOW is donating 10,000 € to the International Committee of the Red Cross (ICRC). The ICRC has been active in Ukraine for several years, providing humanitarian aid. Especially since the outbreak of the war, their work is more important than ever. The local teams repair vital infrastructure, provide health facilities with medicines as well as equipment and support families with food and hygiene items.


Donations to refugees and people in Ukraine

In addition, the SHARE NOW team has organised a campaign for donations that our employees can hand in at our headquarters in Berlin. We will be pre-sorting these donations, bundling them and passing them on to the Ukraine Hilfe Berlin e.V. association. The organisation then takes care of distributing donations to refugees and people in Ukraine. Currently, the organisations receive many individual donations and are sometimes overwhelmed with the number of donations. By doing it this way, we can collect vital donations in kind and relieve the volunteers at the same time.

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Vehicle donation for Civil Relief

SHARE NOW is providing the aid organization Civil Relief Munich with four Fiat 500X cars from its Munich fleet from April 26 to May 25, 2022. The compact SUVs will be part of the NGO fleet for one month and will drive from Munich to the Polish-Ukrainian border several times during this period. There, they will deliver urgently needed goods and collect Ukrainians who are particularly in need of help and at risk. The private aid organization uses more than 1,200 volunteer drivers and transports urgently needed relief supplies and requested special goods from Munich to Chelm, near the Polish-Ukrainian border, in two aid convoys per day.

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A message from our CEO

"Personal freedom is our greatest good. It should be untouchable. The situation in Ukraine shows us in a terrible way what happens when this fundamental right is disregarded. As a global-minded company built on fundamental European values, the situation in Ukraine leaves us speechless and deeply concerned. At SHARE NOW, we stand together and have a clear message: we strictly reject any kind of war and violence." – Olivier Reppert, CEO SHARE NOW.