Cross Borders: how car-sharing across Europe works

In the early days of car-sharing, the focus was on short trips within the city limits. Minute-based pricing and small, compact vehicles made getting from A to B conveniently and, crucially, easy parking the core goal of car-sharing services. Today, as the market continues to evolve and expand, drivers are looking for longer trips in larger, more comfortable cars. Car-sharers have long been venturing outside of our cities. Some have even started exploring outside of their home country’s borders. With SHARE NOW car-sharing, you’re not confined to borders when it comes to longer trips outside of your Home Area. Simply add the Cross Borders option to your trip when pre-booking and you can venture all over Europe on your road trip. However, due to fleet differences, the rules vary from country to country. Here’s how it works in your region.

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Austria and beyond

Austria is one of the best-placed countries for road trips in the whole of Europe. The landlocked nation shares a border with no fewer than eight countries, with Germany to the north, Italy to the south and Switzerland and Liechtenstein to the west. Venture a little beyond northern Italy or Switzerland and you can easily reach France by car from the Austrian capital, with cities like Lyon and Marseille waiting for you on the other side. To the north, Munich and the Bavarian Alps are well within reach. Heading south? Try Milan! Our favourite Italian city, Bergamo, is also a must. With the Cross Borders pre-booking perk you can drive to Switzerland, Germany, France, Italy, Luxembourg and Liechtenstein when starting your trip in Austria.

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Denmark and Sweden

Up in Scandinavia, Denmark and Sweden have a long history of international friendship and for those living in the cities on either side of the famous Øresund Bridge, going between Copenhagen on the Danish side and Malmö on the Swedish side is part of everyday life. Some workers even commute between the two countries, living in one and working in the other. For car-sharers, travelling between Denmark and Sweden is therefore seamless - the locals wouldn’t have it any other way! There’s no need to pre-book your trip or add any extras. When starting your SHARE NOW trip in Copenhagen, you can drive in Sweden just like any other Dane heading across the Øresundsbron.

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Italy and beyond

Northern Italy is one of the most beautiful parts of Europe in our opinion, and with France, Switzerland and Austria bordering the region, it’s prime road-trip territory. SHARE NOW car-sharers in Turin and Milan are well placed to venture north into neighbouring countries, including Liechtenstein. Turin to Geneva is even within range for a day trip between the Italian and Swiss cities. Prefer more of a French vibe? Try Nice just across the border on the French Riviera. With the Cross Borders pre-booking perk, you can drive to Switzerland, Austria, Germany, France, Luxembourg and Liechtenstein when starting your trip in Italy. However, you are not allowed to drive into the regions of Campania, Puglia, Calabria, Basilicata or Sicilia.

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Germany and beyond

Germany is vast and well worth exploring by road without needing to leave the country, but for those starting road trips in the south from Munich, there is plenty of border-hoping fun to be had. With Austria, Liechtenstein and Switzerland to the south, The Alps are beckoning in both summer and winter. Venture even further south and northern Italy’s lake district with Maggiore, Lugano, Como, Iseo and Garda is waiting for you. To the west of Germany road trips into France are enticing. The French border is easily reachable for trips starting in Frankfurt. With the Cross Borders pre-booking perk, you can drive to Switzerland, Austria, France, Italy, Luxembourg, and Liechtenstein when starting your trip in Germany.

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The Netherlands and beyond

Nestled in northwest Europe, The Netherlands is a fantastic place to start a road trip if you’re planning on visiting another country by car. As well as being in close proximity to western Germany, Dutch car-sharers can head into neighbouring Belgium for an extended road trip. Antwerp is not far from the border and offers Flemish Renaissance architecture, whilst further west is the iconic city of Bruges. You can also start and end your trip from Rotterdam, much closer to the Belgian border than Amsterdam. With the Cross Borders pre-booking perk, you can drive in Belgium, France, Germany, Luxembourg, and Liechtenstein when starting your trip in The Netherlands.

Pre-booking is available for trips from 1 to 30 days. To pre-book your trip with Cross Borders, head over to the SHARE NOW app and tap "Plan". You can also pre-book car-sharing trips from your desktop or tablet right here. Fuelling and charging is free at partner fuel stations and partner charging stations. Be sure to check our fuelling and charging partners abroad and plan your trip accordingly. For more information about driving abroad with SHARE NOW, head to our FAQ.

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