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The Ultimate Car-Sharing App

SHARE NOW puts you in the driver's seat of iconic cars from the most popular brands in the automotive industry, across Europe. In a few taps, you're at the wheel, driving to your next destination.

Enjoy spontaneous rentals by selecting the rate that better fits your needs. You can pay per minute, hour or day and even plan your longer trips via our flexible pre-booking option. With SHARE NOW car-sharing, who needs to buy cars? All you need is our car-sharing app. Take the driver's seat. Take SHARE NOW. Available now on App Store and Google Play.

The dynamic map shows you all available cars in every city.

Thanks to advanced technology, everything is done via your smartphone.

There's nothing more flexible than our car-sharing rates.

You can start and end trips anywhere in your local Home Area.

Car rental app on another level

Rental apps are very useful especially when you are planning a trip and you need a car. They usually compare different options on the market and allow you to pre-book a car in advance at a certain pick-up address, often near airports or train stations. SHARE NOW, on the other hand, offers you the next-generation car rental app service.

Unlike traditional car rental apps, the SHARE NOW app lets you reserve a car wherever you are. Once you've finished your rental, you can park the car within your local Home Area and end your trip with a tap on the app.


With almost 100,000 app store reviews across iOS and Android, SHARE NOW is no stranger to being under the microscope. As a pioneer in the car-sharing business, customers have been having their say about our free-floating service for more than a decade.

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And the numbers don't lie - with average ratings of four-and-a-half stars on both mobile platforms, it's fair to say that SHARE NOW is loved by drivers in both the Apple and Google ecosystems.

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To start car-sharing

All you need is the app

The app is your key to car-sharing. Find, reserve, and unlock SHARE NOW cars in less than 2 seconds. It's a new way of car rental – no paperwork, no rental offices, no waiting lines. Try it now:

1. Download the SHARE NOW app
The app is free and your key to all our cars.

2. Upload your driver's license
We'll validate your license in the app.

3. Validated? Start driving!
We'll give you € 5 to start driving right away.

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Find the nearest car and unlock it

The moment you open the car-sharing app, you're instantly shown the nearest car so you can reserve it right away. To unlock the car, all you need to do is stand next to the car, tap on Start in the app and enter your magic PIN. It's so fast, saying "Open Sesame" sometimes takes longer.

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Pre-book a car for your multi-day trips

If you pre-book a car with a daily rate, we'll deliver a car to you within 10 minutes of walking distance of your pick-up address for free! This guarantees the availability of a car right before your long trip. Simply tap on 'Plan' in the app menu to get started.

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Find fuel & charging stations or parking

Use the map filter to find all partner stations near you. Fuelling and charging our cars is always for free at our partner stations – and you'll even earn SHARE NOW credit for it! But you can also use the car-sharing app to find larger, dedicated parking lots. These are marked with a 'P' on the map.

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Filter for exactly the cars you want

So many cars, so little time. You can filter for a specific vehicle model, electric or combustion engines, number of passengers, and much more. Your dream car is not available? Just tap on Set radar in the app menu. Use it to specify time and location. You'll get a notification when a car is available.

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Easy damage reporting

Did you notice scratches or dings? Snap a photo and report it through our app. Besides caring for the general safety of the fleet, this ensures you won't be held responsible for car damages caused by others. In addition, with our Cleanliness Rating feature, you can play judge and jury on the cleanliness of your ride.


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