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Electric cars are the future. But you don't have to wait that long. With over 3000 electric car-sharing vehicles in Europe's most popular cities, we've placed the future directly in your hands. Silent drive and no tailpipe emissions mean you'll zip through the streets without contributing to noise or air pollution. Astonishing acceleration and instant torque give you that heart-stopping thrill that usually comes with a race car. Range anxiety? No fear. You can charge SHARE NOW cars for free at partner charging stations and with our largest electric model, the BMW i3, you can even drive up to 260 km on a single full charge. Quiet, confident, everywhere: electric cars make the kind of statement that really counts. Today, every second SHARE NOW city has electric vehicles, making it easy for you to be the change right now. Discover the advantages of renting electric cars in Budapest, Copenhagen, HamburgMunich and enjoy our 100% electric fleets in AmsterdamMadrid, ParisStuttgart.

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Rent your dream electric car with SHARE NOW

You can easily rent an electric car in Amsterdam anytime with SHARE NOW by using the app. Our electric cars free-float on the streets of Amsterdam and are ready to be unlocked with just the SHARE NOW app. No car rental stations, no opening hours, no waiting time. Our car-sharing rates are all-inclusive and more flexible than traditional car rental – you don't pay extra for parking, charging, GPS, automatic transmission, or insurance. From 1 minute to 3 days, you decide the rental duration you want in the app. Perfect for daily commutes or long trips. In fact, for trips of 1 to 3 days, you can even order a car to the location of your choice for free. That's car-sharing.

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BMW i3 ⚡️

The future is here.
€ 0,33/minute²
€ 7,84/hour³
€ 32,67/day³
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smart EQ fortwo ⚡

Sparks joy.
€ 0,19/minute²
€ 5,67/hour³
€ 15,99/day³
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Fiat 500e ⚡️

Next Level City Car
€ 0,28/minute²
€ 6,34/hour³
€ 21,67/day³
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Peugeot e-208 ⚡️

Feel the electricity.
€ 0,28/minute²
€ 6,34/hour³
€ 21,67/day³
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Advantages of renting electric cars

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Silent drive

The strong, silent type electric cars impress without roaring for attention. Electric cars whisper through the streets with no disruptive noises or vibrations from the motor. The only sounds you're likely to hear are wind resistance and tyre friction at higher speeds. You'll be astonished at how much power comes from these quiet game-changers and how pleasant life in Amsterdam can be without the constant crush of noise and pollution.

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Instant torque

Never been in a race car? You're not missing much. Electric cars can achieve maximum torque from 0 RPM in almost no time at all. A gentle press on the pedal is all you need to accelerate from 0 to 60 km/h in 5.5s (and that's just the smart EQ fortwo), making lane changes a cinch and green lights wickedly fun. Unlike sports cars, even the most compact EVs can throw you back into your seat for that exhilarating roller-coaster feeling. So plug yourself in and charge ahead!

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Fearless, gearless

No clutch, no gearshift, no transmission. Driving electric cars is so effortless, it's almost alarming. Free of extraneous knobs and gears, electric vehicles have turned driving and parking into no-brainers. No gearbox doesn't mean no power: The BMW i3 takes you from 0 to 100 km/h in 7.2 s without needing you to switch gears once. Your muscle memory might miss the physical feedback of driving at first, but you'll be glad to leave behind the days of fiddling with gears and killing the engine.

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Regenerative brakes

Our fancier electric vehicles come with a little something special that makes it possible for you to enjoy "one-pedal driving". Each time you lift your foot off the accelerator, regenerative brakes slow the car down and transform the kinetic energy of the car into energy that feeds the battery. With certain models, the regen is enough to bring the car to a complete stop without you touching the brake pedal – giving your feet a regenerative break and the battery a regenerative charge. What can we say? It's a spark of genius.

How to charge electric SHARE NOW cars

What's included?

You get all these perks with SHARE NOW

Our cars free-float all around Amsterdam city and can be unlocked with just our app.

No need to refuel or return the car when you're done — just drop it off on any street in the Home Area.

Park for free within the Home Area. Learn more about Amsterdam parking rules.

Just like fueling and charging, it's all included — no extra charge!

In case of damages, your deductible is 750 € (250 € when booked with Plus Coverage) — no extra charge.

For your safety, our car interiors are disinfected up to 4x more often during this pandemic.

You earn € 4,00 of SHARE NOW credit (valid for 30 days) each time you recharge a car with less than 30% battery.

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