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Hourly car rental from 13,99 €/hour

How to rent a car per hours with peace of mind

How many times have you needed a car for just a couple of hours but had to pay for the entire day... Whether it was to go to your favorite shopping outlet or to go to that concert or to the stadium. With traditional car rental, it often works like that. In addition, you have to pick up the car at a rental agency somewhere in the city.

With SHARE NOW, you have a better solution! You can rent a car even spontaneously and pay by the hour. Hop in the first car you find nearby and pay for the time you want to use it. Parking, fuelling or charging and insurance costs are always on us.

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SHARE NOW hourly rates - How it works?

You just have to download the app and register if you've not done so yet. Then choose the nearest car and select via the app the hourly rate you prefer, from 1h to 6h.

Our models

Which cars would you like to rent by the hour?

Our cars free-float within the Home Area. The SHARE NOW app shows you where the nearest cars are located but you can also apply filters directly on the map to view the models that match your needs. With SHARE NOW you really have plenty of choice. Meet our fleet!

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Your advantages

Why rent a car by the hour with SHARE NOW?

You can rent a car per hours, day, week or even for a month. With SHARE NOW, we've got you covered.

You can fuel for free at partner gas stations. Plus: No need to refuel before you return the car!

In case of damages, your deductible is 1,000 € (250 € with Plus Coverage) - no extra charge.

You can also pre-book a car in advance for 1 to 30 days and get it delivered even to your doorsteps.

What to know about hourly car rental with SHARE NOW

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Parking in the city

Finding a suitable parking spot in the city is a challenge for most drivers. It's not just about finding a free spot. You also have to consider that you have to pay for most parking spots cost in urban areas. With SHARE NOW, you can forget about the parking meters and park for free on any legal public street within the Home Area. And if you're travelling to the airport with a SHARE NOW car, you can use our dedicated parking spots available at the major European airports.

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How to make a stopover

Do you need to jump to the office for a last-minute meeting before grabbing dinner with your friends? Or make a quick stop at the mall to find a birthday gift for your bestie? With SHARE NOW, no problem! You can actually go where you need to go, park and simply lock the car via the app so you can continue your rental as soon as you're done.

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