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Opel car-sharing from 0,33 €/minute


Opel car-sharing

Is the youthful and dynamic style of an Opel what you are looking for? Get behind the wheel of the best models from the Rüsselsheim manufacturer with car-sharing. All you need is the SHARE NOW app and with just a few taps you can reserve an Opel. Your favourite car could be just behind the corner!

With Opel car-sharing, you have all the flexibility you want. You can choose whether to pay by the minute, by the hour, or by the day. You can also pre-book in advance and enjoy a multi-day trip in a versatile car.

Opel Corsa

The cult classic.
0,19 €/minute¹
7,99 €/hour²
33,33 €/day²
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Opel Mokka

Unleash your urban spirit.
0,22 €/minute¹
8,99 €/hour²
35,00 €/day²
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Advantages of Opel car-sharing with SHARE NOW

Fuelling or charging, parking in the Home Area and insurance: those costs are always on us.

You can pre-book your car for free up to 100 days in advance and get it delivered at a time and place of your choice.

Pre-book now

In addition to the minute rate, you can choose hourly or daily rates directly from the app. Travel more and save money.

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Our cars are available 24/7, even at the airport. No paperwork or car rental offices.

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Why Opel car-sharing?

Opel offers different models suitable for short journeys in the city as well as outdoor adventures. The Opel cars are eye-catching, as they combine practicality and quality, and are sure to stand out thanks to their sporty design. The wide front end, called the Opel Visor, is one of the distinctive features of Opel models, along with an advanced technology system that allows a seamless connectivity experience.

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Is Opel reliable?

Opel is a brand known for the reliability of its vehicles. The company makes constant and rigorous testings on its models. In addition, Opel has a strong focus on safe driving. In particular, the full LED headlights, that all models are equipped with, are a valuable aid when driving at night, allowing better visibility in all conditions. Opel models are also equipped with Lane Keeping Assist which gives additional steering support and prevents the vehicle from departing the lane.

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To start car-sharing

All you need is the app

The app is your key to car-sharing. Find, reserve, and unlock SHARE NOW cars in less than 2 seconds. It's a new way of car rental – no paperwork, no rental offices, no waiting lines. Try it now:

1. Download the SHARE NOW app
The app is free and your key to all our cars.

2. Upload your driver's license
We'll validate your license in the app.

3. Validated? Start driving!
We'll give you 15 € to start driving right away.



The minute rate includes 200 km of mileage. A long distance rate of 0,39 € per kilometer will apply for each additional kilometer after the included mileage. Hourly and daily rates do not include mileage and each kilometre driven will be charged (depending on car model category). Final price is available in the app. The daily price displayed is for a 30-day rental.


All SHARE NOW cars are covered by third-party liability insurance and your deductible is always automatically reduced to a specific amount in case of an accident. This agreement is waived, however, in cases of gross negligence. To learn more, please check out our terms and conditions.