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Frequent flyer? Then you need to try SHARE NOW. With thousands of premium cars in our fleet, you'll always have an easy and comfortable way to get to the airport. Car-sharing is cheaper than taxis and you never have to wait in line. From the moment you land, just open the SHARE NOW app and reserve a car in a few taps. As long as you're in a SHARE NOW city, you'll always have a car.

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Got a flight to catch? Use SHARE NOW to get to the airport. We have dedicated carsharing parking spots for you at P7, Level 4.

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Just landed? Open the SHARE NOW app and reserve a car from the moment you land. Our cars can be found at P7, Level 4.

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How to use SHARE NOW at the airport

City ✈ DUS airport

Where to park SHARE NOW at Dusseldorf airport

Our cars free-float around the city and can be rented with just the app. Drive and drop off our cars easily at Dusseldorf Airport.

1. Drive to P7 at DUS airport

There are dedicated carsharing SHARE NOW parking spots for you at P7, Level 4. Address: Parkhaus 7, Level 4, Frachtstraße, 40474 Dusseldorf.

DUS airport parking (PDF)

2. Parking barrier will lift automatically

When you arrive at the parking lot, the barrier should detect that you're in a SHARE NOW car and lift automatically to let you in. There's no need to take a parking ticket or pay for parking.

3. End your trip and enjoy your flight!

Make sure you park at a dedicated SHARE NOW space and end your trip in the app. An airport fee of 5,99 € will be charged after you end your trip. Have a safe flight!

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DUS airport ✈ City

Reserve SHARE NOW when you land in Dusseldorf

Just landed? Our cars are ready for you at P7, Level 4**.**

1. Reserve a car when you land

Hurry, before they run out! The first 20 minutes of reservation is free. If you're staying in the city for more than a day, plan ahead and pre-book a car for free. Simply use the airport as your pickup address and you'll be guaranteed you a car.

Pre-book now

2. Pick up your car at P7, Level 4

At the parking lot, use the app to make the car's headlights flash to find your car. No need to pay for parking upon exit – the parking barrier will automatically lift when it detects that you're in a SHARE NOW car.

3. Park anywhere in the city for free

Simply park anywhere within the Dusseldorf Home Area and end your trip in the app. No need to refuel/recharge the car when you're done. An airport fee of 5,99 € will be charged after you end your trip.

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Meet the fleet

SHARE NOW cars in Duesseldorf


La dolce vita.
from 0,19 €/min.


Size is everything.
from 0,19 €/min.


Style and swag.
from 0,28 €/min.


Ready for anything.
from 0,31 €/min.


Elegance personified.
from 0,31 €/min.