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Missed the bus or train? Just hop into SHARE NOW and drive straight to your lecture halls. Students at the Catholic University of Rome can now park our SHARE NOW cars directly on campus. Discover 3 dedicated parking areas in and around the university campus where you can find and drop off our cars. Open the SHARE NOW app and explore our convenient campus parking lots now. Take a look also at our offer at the Catholic University of Milan by visiting the website.

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Your first-choice shopping destination in Arese is just a short drive from the centre of Milan. And as a SHARE NOW customer, you'll get the full VIP shopping experience with 6 dedicated parking spots directly in front of each main entrance of Il Centro Shopping Center. Treat yourself now!

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Explore your city with SHARE NOW and Fever. From the most beautiful restaurants and terraces to concerts, talks and other activites - Fever is the perfect tool to navigate through everything Rome/Milan/Turin has to offer. Find exclusive discounts on ticket bookings at Fever now in the SHARE NOW loyalty program. Candelight concert, stand-up comedy or wine tasting... there is so much to explore. What will you pick?


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