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How to refuel SHARE NOW cars


Earn credit by fuelling SHARE NOW cars

Give it some gas! When you fuel a car that’s running low on gas, you'll earn driving credit. Each time you fully refuel a car that has less than 40% of fuel, you earn 4,00 € of credit. This can be used to pay for your trips and trip-related costs. It's never been easier to earn free credit.


How to fuel a car-sharing car in Italy?

Fuelling a car-sharing car is easy! We don't expect you to fuel our cars after every trip, of course, but the cost of fuelling is always covered by us when you do visit the pump. If you come across a car with less than 40% fuel remaining, we'll even give you SHARE NOW credit for filling it up. Call it a thank-you for keeping our fleet fuelled and our car-sharing community ready to roll. Here's how to fuel one of our cars:

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1. Find a fuel station near you using the app

Open the app and let it guide you to the nearest partner station. It's important to do this before you begin fuelling, so we can handle everything digitally. In Italy you can decide to fill up yourself (self-service) or get assistance from the fuel station staff, if available (serviced).

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2. Generate your unique fuelling barcode

Tap on Refuel and then Generate your code in the SHARE NOW app. A barcode will pop up on your smartphone. Scan or enter this code at the terminal to activate the pump in self-service mode. You can also go into the store and show it to the cashier. By choosing the serviced mode, just show your fuelling code to the operator to activate the pump.

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3. Start fuelling to the top

Once you have activated your chosen pump, you can begin to fuel up yourself or let the staff do so for you. Take special note of the correct fuel types displayed in the app - most of our cars take E10 or E05 fuel. You might as well fill the tank completely. The cost is on us and it helps to keep our car-sharing community fuelled and ready to drive.

4. We'll handle payment automatically

After you have completed the fuelling process, simply take out the nozzle and return it to the pump. We'll take care of the payment with the fuel station automatically. You can now drive off and either end your trip in the Home Area or continue your journey. It's that simple!


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