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Meet the smart fortwo cabrio

Surprisingly open

The smallest convertible in the SHARE NOW fleet, the smart fortwo cabrio is the cool cousin to the smart fortwo. This sporty two-seater is a lot like the friend you want to get a cold drink and chase the sunset with. Open. Fun. Relaxed. When you feel like looking on the bright side of life, just open up the retractable rooftop with a push of a button. True to its design principle to stay city-friendly, the smart cabrio is just as compact as the classic fortwo and even comes equipped with alloy wheels so you can comfortably coast along narrow city pavements and beach roads alike. Bring your sunglasses and take a trip into the sunset with the most open smart of all time. With the cabrio, you'll see the world in a whole new light. Now available in Rome, Milan and Turin.

Includes 200 km

+ 0,19 €/km
2 to 6 hours¹

+ 0,19 €/km
1 to 30 days¹

Image Couple driving interior

Unlimited perks

Rent the smart fortwo cabrio with SHARE NOW

For your safety, our car interiors are disinfected up to 4x more often during this pandemic.

You only pay one low flat rate and then 0,19 € per kilometer. Fuel is included in the price!

Our cars free-float all around the city and can be unlocked with just our app.

No need to refuel or return the car when you're done — just drop it off in the Home Area.

You can fuel for free at partner gas stations. Plus: No need to refuel before you return the car!

You earn 5,00 € of SHARE NOW credit each time you plug in a car.

You can park for free within the Home Area. Discover more about our Parking rules

In case of damages, your deductible is 750 € (250 € when booked with Plus Coverage) — no extra charge.


Unlimited comfort

smart fortwo cabrio highlights

Image smart fortwo cabrio Rooftop Open Green View

Retractable rooftop

Opening the rooftop takes only 12 seconds! Push and hold the button (next to the gearshift) until the roof slides back and clicks in place. You don't have to remove the side bars, but it's easy if you want to. On the inside of the bars, look for a black lever. Pull up the lever to release the bars, lift the bars, and detach them from the front. Place the side bars in the trunk.

Image smart fortwo cabrio Rooftop Open Sea View

Turning circle of 6.95m

Uncompromisingly designed for the city, the smart fortwo cabrio guarantees you will fit in anywhere. Forgot something? Spin around. With the cabrio's record-breaking super-small turning circle of 6.95m, even turning around in circles is fun. Only 2.69m long, the fortwo cabrio can proudly claim to be the world's first truly urban car.


Creature comforts

Size without compromise. The smart comes with everything you expect in a modern car: touchscreen navigation, radio, Bluetooth pairing, climate control. In the glove compartment, you'll find car keys, a fueling/charging card, and an airport parking card (if applicable) – all for your convenience!

How to refuel SHARE NOW cars

smart fortwo cabrio

Full specifications

Model smart fortwo cabrio
Class Compact convertible
Top speed 135 km/h
Acceleration 0 – 100 km/h in 19.8 seconds
Engine 3-cylinder in-line engine
Power 33 kW (44 hp)
Torque 110 Nm
Equipment Retractable rooftop, Touchscreen GPS, Bluetooth audio system, Climate control
Cargo volume 220 – 340 L
Doors 2 doors
Seats 2 passengers
Transmission Automatic transmission
Start-Stop system No
Couple by a car door

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Hourly rate is based on the price for 6 hours. Daily rate is based on the price for 30 days. Hourly and daily rates do not include mileage and each kilometre driven will be charged 0,19 €. All pricing can be found in the app.