Amsterdam, January 11, 2023

SHARENOW Closes Record Year 2022 with 33 Percent More Dutch Users

  • 34.000 new registrations in the Netherlands
  • 86 percent more shared minutes in Amsterdam
  • Fleet expansion with Peugeot e-208 to 440 electric cars
  • Even closer cooperation with the municipality of Amsterdam in 2023

SHARE NOW, the European market leader in free-floating car-sharing, looks back on a successful year. In 2022, the car-sharing company gained 500,000 new users in 17 European cities. The 4 million users drove a total of 200 million shared kilometers and more than one billion shared minutes across Europe. In Amsterdam, the number of users increased by 34,000, driving 86 percent more shared minutes and 56 percent more shared kilometers than the previous year. SHARE NOW has been operating in the Netherlands since 2011 with a 100 percent electric fleet.

Fleet expansion in Amsterdam

"In 2022, we were able to respond even better to the mobility needs and desires of our Dutch users”, says Robert Bosman, Managing Director of SHARE NOW Netherlands. “We not only grew our fleet by ten percent but also added a new electric model to our fleet – the Peugeot e-208. Our offer provides more variety of choice for our users, as well as the ability to travel longer distances because of the high range of the electric vehicles.”

Significant higher utilization of shared cars

"Our data shows that our 138.000 Dutch customers were using our service significantly more often and longer in 2022. This growth is mainly due to the continued development and use of shared cars for long-term rentals, meaning rentals of at least one day. Compared to the previous year, the average rental duration in 2022 increased by 37 percent to an average of 54 minutes. The average distance increased by 15 percent to an average of 13 km per rental", says Bosman.

Cooperation with the municipality of Amsterdam

In 2023, SHARE NOW wants to continue the positive development of the past year. Exactly one year ago, the car-sharing provider signed a covenant with the municipality of Amsterdam and six other car-sharing services with the aim of developing car-sharing and making it available, accessible and affordable for all residents and visitors to Amsterdam. During the conference "Shared mobility: from niche to mainstream", held last December 14 at Pakhuis de Zwijger, the covenant was extended for another year.

"At SHARE NOW we believe in sharing more and owning less, so we can make our cities more livable for residents and keep mobility as individual and flexible as possible," Bosman says. "Close cooperation with the municipalities in which SHARE NOW operates helps us to boost emission-free mobility and shared transport. By working together in this way, we are all driving towards a private car-free city. A long-term goal, but something we will also work hard to achieve every day in 2023."