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Car-sharing etiquette guide

Car-sharing etiquette guide

At SHARE NOW, we're on a mission to creating more liveable cities through shared mobility. Car-sharing can reduce congestion and create more space in urban environments. Implicit within the model, however, is a shared identity.

The consideration that car-sharers show towards one another is a large part of what makes the SHARE NOW experience so special. By sharing cars, we are sharing private spaces and thus must behave in a way that benefits the collective. To help you learn how to become a valued member of our unique club, we've put together this guide on the dos and don'ts of car-sharing.

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Car-sharing, the wrong way

Do you like your SHARE NOW car clean and undamaged? Yep, so do we! Remember, sharing is caring. To ensure that car sharing works, we have drawn up a few "golden rules". Here's what not to do:

don-t drink 1k
Don't drink alcohol

Driving while under the influence of alcohol is never OK. Sitting in a SHARE NOW car doesn't mean that the police can't see you. Enjoy the party, but make sure you nominate a dedicated driver before you hit the road so that everyone arrives safely at their destination.

don-t smoke 1k
Don't smoke in the car

Smoking or vaping inside SHARE NOW cars is not cool, and the penalty for smoking includes e-cigarettes. Not everyone is a smoker and it takes forever to get the smell out so.... don't be like that. If you do need a smoke, pull over and take a smoking stopover before driving to your destination.

no litter 1k
Don't litter

Have you ever jumped in a car-sharing car and found rubbish and tissues and whatnot on the front seats? How about hair, crisps, crumbs or ketchup stains? Do not be that person! Trash is the only thing we're not proud to share in this community.

no parking 1k
Don't park irresponsibly

Don't be one of those people who park like they own the street. There's nothing more disappointing than getting to your reserved car only to find it left in a nightmare space that gives you a headache. Park with the next driver in mind. It goes without saying, we hope, that you should not leave the car in private parking spaces or in a no-parking zone. Familiarise yourself with our Parking Rules.

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Car-sharing, the right way

It's not all about what you can't do, though. Being part of the SHARE NOW community is a rewarding experience – when you get it right! Here's are four golden rules to follow to make sure you get the most out of our innovative urban mobility solution.

Extra Small-fleet 1k
Explore the fleet

When you buy a private car, you're stuck with that make and model. When you embrace car-sharing, you have access to a wide range of premium vehicles from the likes of BMW and Mercedes-Benz. Whether the sun's out and you fancy taking a convertible to the office, or you need something bigger to pack the family into for a picnic, we've got you covered.

fueling charging
Refuel, charge and earn

The fact that you don't have to pay for fuel is one of the biggest advantages of car-sharing, but did you know that you can earn driving credit by fueling and charging SHARE NOW cars? Not only will you be getting money for nothing, but you'll be contributing to the car-sharing community by keeping the fleet fueled and ready to drive – for everyone!

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Unlock rewards

Having access to a flexible mobility solution is great, but we don't stop there at SHARE NOW. As you drive you'll earn points and unlock rewards. From bonus reservation time and special hourly rates to partner rewards from like-minded lifestyle brands, your car-sharing experience gets better and better and you unlock new rewards. Make sure to opt into SHARE NOW Rewards via the app.

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Tell your friends

When it comes to car-sharing, the strength of the community is everything. As well as being a valued member of the SHARE NOW family, you can play your part in expanding it. By referring friends to our service, you'll not only be spreading the car-sharing dream but we'll give you both 10 € of driving credit for every new driver you introduce. It’s a win-win scenario!

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