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Can I use SHARE NOW for business trips?


To use SHARE NOW for work travel, simply add a business payment profile to your account and enter your company's billing address. Whenever you drive for business, just select your business payment profile. This way, you'll automatically have a PDF invoice that you can file for company travel expenses.

If you're a business who wants to explore new ways for employees to travel, we offer SHARE NOW for Business. Corporate car-sharing is one of the easiest and most cost-efficient solutions to put your business on the road. Invite colleagues to drive using your Business Account – and you'll enjoy an easy accounting overview of all their trips and invoices.

What is a business profile?

A business profile is a payment profile that uses your company's billing address. Any user can add a business profile at any time. This lets you easily download PDF invoices for each trip you make for business reasons, so that submitting your travel expenses has never been easier.

To add a business profile to your SHARE NOW account:

Open the app ▶ Menu ▶ Payment ▶ Edit payment profile(s) ▶ Add payment profile

What is a Corporate Account?

A Corporate Account is for corporate clients who use SHARE NOW for Business for corporate car-sharing. A Corporate Account lets companies do all of the following in one simple dashboard:

✓ Invite colleagues to manage the Corporate Account
✓ Add or remove associated employees
✓ Get a single overview of all trips and invoices

How can I contact SHARE NOW for Business?

You can reach our business team at the following email addresses:

Austria –
France –
Germany –
Münster -
Italy –
Netherlands –
Spain –

What is SHARE NOW for Business?

SHARE NOW for Business is our answer to the company car. It’s a simple way for companies to offer employees an attractive mobility solution while keeping travel management easy and fixed costs low. Now anyone can make their next business trip using the SHARE NOW app. To learn more, contact SHARE NOW for Business in France.

How can I register for SHARE NOW as a company?

Simply contact our business team in your country. We'll help your company set up a Business Account. You'll appoint a Business Account Admin, who will then be able to use the dashboard to manage your company's billing information, invite drivers, and manage all their trip invoices. To use SHARE NOW for Business, your company's employees first need to register for SHARE NOW as regular users.

How can I log in to manage my company's Corporate Account?

If your company has a Business Account and you have been appointed as an admin, you can log in to manage your Business Account here.

What is the difference between central and non-central corporate accounts?

If you are using SHARE NOW for Business, you have the choice between 2 types of corporate accounts: central or non-central. A central account means all costs of rentals and expenses are billed to the company's central corporate account monthly. A non-central corporate account means employees are billed directly after each business trip they take. The invoice is sent to them so they can then easily claim their expenses back internally as any other expense.