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How car-sharing works?

How it works

A step-by-step guide to car-sharing with SHARE NOW

What is car-sharing? Simply put, it’s the best way to drive. City dwellers all over Europe are realising that you don't have to buy or lease a car to enjoy the freedom of four wheels. What’s more, with SHARE NOW, you can enjoy premium cars without the price tag. So how does car-sharing work? In this step-by-step guide, we’ll walk you through the process - from registration to taking your first trip.

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Register for your car-sharing account

We’ve made registration quick and easy. Either download the SHARE NOW app and register right on your smartphone, or fill-in the online registration form and get the app later - the choice is yours. There are no monthly fees, and no commitment.

Once you’ve registered, simply upload your driver's license in the app. You'll also be asked to upload a selfie of yourself, so we can verify it really is you. You’ll also need to add a payment method such as a credit card. Once we’ve validated your license, you are ready to start car-sharing.

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Reserve a car in your city

As soon as we’ve activated your account, you can reserve cars via the SHARE NOW app, 24/7. Simply open the app and find the car of your choice on the map. You can use the filters in the app to find your perfect ride.

You can then reserve the car for 15 minutes for free, giving you enough time to walk over to where it is parked. If you need more time to make your way over to the car, you can extend your reservation time in the app for a small fee. Once you reserve a car, it can't be driven off by anyone else. If you change your mind about needing a car, you can easily cancel your reservation.

You can also pre-book cars for longer trips via the SHARE NOW app. We’ll even deliver your car to your door! Find out more about long-term car-sharing.

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Unlock your car with your smartphone

Once you have located your car, use your smartphone to unlock it. In the app, tap on Start to choose your rate. You can rent SHARE NOW cars for any amount of time from 1 minute up to 30 days. You’ll be asked to enter your magic PIN. This is your key to all of our cars. You’ll set up your 4-digit magic PIN when you first register.

You can report any visible damage to the car at this stage by uploading images taken on your smartphone, as well as let us know how clean it is - all via the app.

Once in the car, start the engine either via the Stop/Start button or by retrieving the key from the glove compartment.

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Drive wherever you want to

Like all free-floating car-sharing platforms, SHARE NOW has a dedicated operating area in each city in which it is present. We call it the Home Area. However, you don’t have to stay within these boundaries when driving - far from it!

You may leave the Home Area at any time during your trip, but you must drive back to the same Home Area to park and end your rental. Making stopovers outside of the Home Area is completely fine, though. This makes our car-sharing perfect for day trips out of the city. For inspiration, we’ve put together a list of some of our favourite scenic driving routes from your city.

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Park almost anywhere, for free

One of the things drivers love about free-floating car-sharing versus station-based rental services is the ability to park almost anywhere. You can park SHARE NOW cars for free on any legal public street parking space within our Home Area. However, each city has specific parking regulations that you should be aware of. It’s worth taking a look at the parking rules in your city before you set off.

It's also possible to park and end your trip in drop off zones, such as at airports or other areas of interest, but a drop off fee will apply. In some cities, we have special charging hubs for electric vehicles, where you can park, plug in, and even earn driving credit!

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End your trip via the app

Once you’ve parked your SHARE NOW car legally within the Home Area, you are ready to end your trip. Make sure you’ve put the handbrake on, closed the windows and taken all of your belongings with you. If you took a trip in a car with a physical key, be sure to return it to the holder in the glove compartment.

Now, all you have to do is step outside the car and use the slider in the app to end your trip. The car will lock automatically, and remain where it is ready for the next member of our car-sharing community to pick up.

Ready to SHARE NOW?

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Looking for more information? We cover your most frequently asked questions in the FAQ.