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SHARE NOW Mobility Allowance: a car-sharing budget for your team

At SHARE NOW, we're all about simplifying urban mobility - for you and your employees. With a monthly mobility budget for car-sharing, your team can take advantage of an excellent company perk for private trips. We've made everything simple and easy, from assigning credit to a single, straightforward invoice.

There are multiple advantages that you can gain by switching from owning your own business fleet for employees to using a car-sharing alternative like SHARE NOW. Company cars are costly to maintain, and those costs can add up over the course of a year. With a car-sharing mobility allowance, the provider takes care of all of those costs. Issuing company cars also opens your business up to increased liability - something that can be avoided with a flexible, car-sharing solution.

Car-sharing Mobility Allowance

How SHARE NOW Mobility Allowance works for you

Whether you're a company with employees who need to travel for work, or just want to incentivise your staff with attractive perks, SHARE NOW Mobility Allowance lets you award car-sharing credit to individual employees via a single corporate account.

Whilst you can grant your staff a fixed amount of car-sharing credit per month, you'll only actually pay for what they use. If, for example, your employee only spends 80 € or their 100 € mobility allowance, we won't charge you for the 20 € they didn't use.

Invoicing is made simple with SHARE NOW Mobility Allowance. At the end of each credit cycle, your company will receive a single invoice for the total amount of car-sharing that was used by all drivers on the corporate account.

With our Mobility Allowance, your employees can enjoy the freedom of car-sharing in their private time. Business travel can be charged separately, meaning car-sharing credit doesn't have to be part of their expenses, it can be an appealing employee perk!

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Sign up for SHARE NOW Mobility Allowance

If you are interested in empowering your employees with a car-sharing mobility allowance, get in touch with us. We'll ask you a few simple questions, such as the total budget for mobility allowance per month you'd like to have, and you can tell us anything you would like us to know about your needs.

About SHARE NOW for Business

The world's pioneering car-sharing service

Global market leader
With over 4 million users and 10000 free-floating vehicles, SHARE NOW is Europe’s leading car-sharing company. To date, we operate in 16 major cities across Europe.

Innovative pioneer
SHARE NOW is synonymous with the invention of free-floating car-sharing, which has since revolutionised the mobility industry. To date, we have electric cars in over 75% of our cities.

Premium fleet
Besides the iconic Fiat fleet, we offer a range of high-end BMW, MINI, Peugeot, and Citroën vehicles. So you can enter your meetings in comfort and style.