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Learn about the most modern form of carsharing for business purposes! Whether you are an entrepreneur or a corporate decision-maker, SHARE NOW for Business offers you and your colleagues a flexible, personalized solution:

Create your Business Profile and account easily for each trip you make for business reasons - whether you're a freelancer or a small business owner!


Your colleagues often do work travels? Learn about our business-carsharing solution, customized to your company!

What is a Corporate Account?


We give you credits on your profile in the amount of your choice, which you can use during your trips, and even a discount of up to 10%!


Provide SHARE NOW driving credits to your colleagues as a nontaxable fringe benefit!
Request the amount
you need and use it within one year.


Discover SHARE NOW for Business

Cost-saving. Convenient. Fast.

Why you'll love SHARE NOW for Business

Save up to 70% more than using taxi!

Our rates cover

✓ all parking fees within the Home Area,
✓ insurance, maintenance, fueling and charging costs,
✓ company car tax
✓ and toll sticker costs.

✓ Create your Business Profile to account for your business travels simply,
✓ or manage your colleagues' work travels easily with the Corporate Account!

What is a Business Profile?
What is a Corporate Account?

Choose from the 500 SHARE NOW cars the one that suits your business trips the best! Order it to the office or home, or find a car near you in the SHARE NOW application, and go on a business trip comfortably at any time!

Take advantage of our numerous airport connections at Europe's most popular destinations! In Hungary, you can park for free in our dedicated airport parking lot.

SHARE NOW at the Airport

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Hundreds of cars, one app

Choose from 12 different models for your business travels in the SHARE NOW carsharing app.
Find a car near you and you're ready to go, or ask your car with home delivery!

Download the SHARE NOW app from the App Store or Google Play.

Get started now! Our cars are available 24/7 in the Home Area. Use the SHARE NOW app to find an available car near you.

Choose the package that suits your work travel the best: minute, hourly or daily.

Choose your Business Profile as a payment method!

Reserve your car, pick it up and start your trip! You can drive outside the Home Area – fueling and charging is free, just use the card provided in the car!

SHARE NOW trips from a few minutes to 30 days await you! When you have finished your trip, just drop off the car anywhere within the Home Area, where parking is free.

Get the best deal for your business now!

Contact us to find out how your company can personally benefit from SHARE NOW for Business corporate carsharing today!