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We support your long-term plans. Choose from our daily packages in the app and start the road trip of your life. Within seconds we show you the car closest to you. With a few taps, you're at the wheel, driving to your next destination. Once you get there, you just park the car and there’s nothing to worry about: you don’t have to deal with refueling, car maintenance or parking fees. You always get exactly what you need.

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Plan your perfect SHARE NOW trip and travel around the country for up to 30 days! Book your car in the app and we'll deliever it right to your doorstep.

Here's what's included in the package:

The Base Fee includes the toll costs. If you’d like to travel around the country, all petrol cars have a National Highway Sticker and all electric cars have a highway sticker that is valid in Pest county.

You don't have to refuel or charge our cars*, but if you choose to, the cost is on us and we'll even give you extra credits for it! You can simply use the fuel card or charge card provided inside the car to refuel or charge for free at partner stations.


The Base Fee is automatically added to the total cost of your trips and reduces your deductible to 300 000 Ft. Choose the Plus Coverage for each trip, which reduces your deductible to 100 000 Ft.

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Useful tips

When you're on the road

During your long-term rental, you can drive freely outside the Home Area. Just make sure that you bring the car back to the Home Area to end your trip.

When you're not driving, lock up the car and start a stopover in the app. When you're ready to drive again, simply unlock the car and continue trip in the app.

We provide fuel cards inside petrol cars and a charge card inside electric cars so you can easily refuel at the OMV or MOL stations or charge at partner stations for free.

When you're done, there's no need to refuel the car or return it to a car rental office. Just park the car on any street in the Home Area — and go home and relax!

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The Budapest fleet

Pick the one that suits you best!

We have over 500 cars in Budapest. Choose the car you need and you're ready to go. From boardroom to bar, a shopping spree or just a weekend getaway in the Mátra? There's a car for every occasion. Whether you need a car for a few minutes, hours, or days, simply choose the best rate for you in the app before each trip.²

Choose any of our cars for your 1-4 day trips or travel for up to 30 days with one of our petrol cars:

Fiat 500

from 11 633 Ft/day³

MINI 3 door

from 14 030 Ft/day³

MINI 5 door

from 14 030 Ft/day³

MINI Electric ⚡

from 16 823 Ft/day³

MINI Convertible

from 14 030 Ft/day³

Peugeot 3008

from 14 030 Ft/day³

from 16 823 Ft/day³

Mercedes-Benz A-Class

from 17 466 Ft/day³

BMW 1 Series

from 17 466 Ft/day³


from 17 693 Ft/day³


from 17 693 Ft/day³

BMW i3 ⚡️

from 22 998 Ft/day³

Got questions?

We answer all of your most frequently asked questions about pre-booking right here in a dedicated FAQ section:



You are responsible for parking costs incurred in private parking garages. Additional parking rules apply.


All hourly and daily package rates include mileage. A long distance rate of 109 Ft per kilometer will apply for each additional kilometer after the included package mileage.


Hourly prices are based on 6-hour packages, daily prices on 30-day packages (4-day packages for electric cars). In addition to the price indicated here, the total cost of the rental also includes the Base Fee, which is automatically added to the total cost of all your rentals. The amount of the Base Fee may vary depending on the vehicle type and rental package: you can find the exact fee in the application when selecting a package. The Base Fee automatically reduces your deductible and includes the National Highway Sticker Fee. In the case of electric models (BMW i3, smart EQ fortwo and MINI electric) the motorway sticker is only valid in Pest County. Learn more in our Terms and conditions.


If you end your trip in an electric vehicle with less than 15 kilometres' worth of battery power (unless permitted by the Terms and conditions) or a vehicle with a combustion engine with less than 15 kilometres' worth of fuel, a fee may be charged. See Fee and cost policy for more information.