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How to charge electric cars


Charging is easier with SHARE NOW

Take your trip more freely than ever. Choose SHARE NOW electric cars for your trips of 1-3 days with Home Delivery! You can charge our electric cars¹, which makes traveling even easier and more convenient.

Charging electric cars is a simple and convenient process: all you need is the charging card provided in the car and the Mobiliti app. With the Mobiliti app you can easily find our partner stations where you can charge for free.

Our charging partner

Mobiliti charging stations

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Charging electric cars

Mobiliti is the charging partner of SHARE NOW, who maintains our partner charging stations. Here you can charge electric cars for free and you can also find the suitable charging stations for charging our cars in the Mobiliti application by applying the SHARE NOW filter.

You can charge both the BMW i3, the Opel Corsa-e and the Peugeot e-208 models and travel for up to 3 days.

Please always read the conditions of use on the charger and only use the dedicated parking space until the car is actually charging. Please note: You can park at the charging station for a maximum of 15 minutes after charging is complete if you do not want to end your SHARE NOW trip at the charging station.

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How to charge a SHARE NOW electric car

Here's how to start charging:

Download the Mobiliti app, apply the SHARE NOW filter and find an available Mobiliti charging station near you (available chargers are indicated in green in the app).

When you get to the dedicated parking space, open the charging port and plug the charger into the car. Next to the cable, you'll find a SHARE NOW sticker on the column.

After the charger is connected to the port, take the charging card out of the glove compartment or the armrest and hold it near the reader on the charging station. There are charging stations on which you will find a "Start" button - press the button and always follow the instructions shown on the charging station display.

Charging automatically starts. The estimated charging time is displayed on the dashboard of the car.

Put the card back in its dedicated place in the car and select 'Stopover' in the SHARE NOW app to continue your trip or end the rental within the Home Area to earn extra credits.

What kind of charging plugs can I use to charge electric cars?
How can I earn SHARE NOW credit?


How to unplug a SHARE NOW car

Sometimes you find your selected car connected to a charger, or you need to stop during longer trips because your car is running low on juice and you need to charge to continue driving with fresh vigour. When a car is charging, you need to unlock it using the app and take out the charging card to stop charging before you begin your trip. Then you can unplug the charging cable and start driving!

Here's how to stop charging:

To unplug the charging cable, continue or start your trip in the SHARE NOW app first and open the car.

To stop charging, you will need to take the charging card from the glove compartment or the central armrest and hold it against the charging station. There are charging stations on which you will find a "Stop" button - press the button and always follow the instructions shown on the charging station display.

If charging has stopped, unplug the cable from the car and leave it at the charging station.

After putting back the charging cable, put the charging card back in its dedicated place in the car. Now you start your trip or continue driving!

How to unplug electric SHARE NOW cars

The electric fleet

SHARE NOW electric cars

No matter if it's a few minutes drive in the city or longer trips: the choice is yours! SHARE NOW electric cars are waiting just for you, pick the one that suits you best in the app and you can start driving. We also support your long-term plans: prebook and ask your favorite electric car delivered right to your doorstep in the app and travel for up to 1-3 days with Peugeot, Opel and BMW electric cars!

See what kind of electric cars are available in Hungary:

Peugeot e-208 ⚡️

125 Ft/minute²
from 1 599 Ft/hour²
from 17 563 Ft/day²

Opel e-Corsa ⚡️

125 Ft/minute²
from 1 599 Ft/hour²
from 17 563 Ft/day²

BMW i3 ⚡️

149 Ft/minute²
from 1 821 Ft/hour²
from 24 330 Ft/day²


Looking for more information? We cover your most frequently asked questions in the FAQ.



Currently, you can only charge the BMW i3 models and the Peugeot e-208 models.


The featured minute rate is after the SHARE NOW Pass25 discount has been applied. Hourly prices are based on 6-hour packages, daily prices on 4-day packages. In addition to the price indicated here, the total cost of the rental also includes the Base Fee, which is automatically added to the total cost of all your rentals. The amount of the Base Fee may vary depending on the vehicle type and rental package: you can find the exact fee in the application when selecting a package. The Base Fee automatically reduces your deductible and includes the National Highway Sticker Fee. In the case of electric models (BMW i3, smart EQ fortwo and MINI electric) the motorway sticker is only valid in Pest County. Learn more in our Terms and conditions.