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Take 4 photos before and after your trip!

Always take 4 pictures of the four corners of the car before and after your trip in a way that the license plate of the vehicle is legible on the photographs, and keep these pictures for 90 days. These are proof that any damage to your car occurred before or after your rental.

Pro tip: Store your images in the cloud for easy access - this way it won't take up your phone's memory either.

Do I need to take photos of the car?

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Time and mileage included in a package

If you exceed the fixed time or mileage in a package, a different rate for each additional minute and/or kilometer will apply. If mileage runs out, the long distance fee of 89 Ft per additional kilometer will apply, if time runs out, the overtime minute rate (depends on car model) will apply.

Pro tip: you will find the km included in the package in the app when you choose a package.

Are there additional costs if I exceed the time or mileage included in my rate?

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Choosing package

Before you start driving, choose the package that suits your needs the best! You can choose from minute-based, hourly and daily packages. You cannot move to another package after starting your trip. If you exceed the time or kilometer limit included in the package, the car will not close automatically, but you will have to pay an extra kilometer or per minute charge.

Pro tip: If you reach the time included in the package within the Home Area, close the rental and start a new one.

What happens if I don't use up all the included time and/or mileage in my selected rate?

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When you select an hourly or daily package, the bank will check to see if there is coverage on your specified payment instrument (card) to pay the package fee. The amount of pre-authorization is always equal to the fee of the selected package plus its additional Basic Fee. This is not a deposit, the bank will only place a pre-authorization hold on the amount and it will remain in your bank account during the whole time.

Do you place a pre-authorization hold on my credit card before I start a trip?


Highway sticker

With SHARE NOW you can travel all over the country! The Base Fee includes the national highway sticker for all petrol models, and a highway sticker that is valid in Pest county for electric models.

Do I have to pay the toll costs?


In case of an accident, the Base Fee automatically reduces your maximum deductible to 300 000 Ft, except in the case of damages due to gross negligence. Besides, before every trip, you can choose the Plus Coverage in the app, which reduces your deductible to 100 000 Ft for the given rental.

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Cars with keys

The smart and Fiat models start with a key, and the Peugeot and Mercedes models come with a key but you don't need them to start the engine. You can find the key in the glove compartment, with wich you can start the car or close it when making a stopover. Arrived at your destination? Put the key back in the glove compartment (place the plastic ticket on the key back into the holder so the car senses that the key is in place), then get out and end your trip in the app.

How do I rent cars with car keys?


Keyless cars

The BMW and MINI models are keyless, meaning you don't need a car key to unlock the car when making a stopover or start the engine. These cars use Start/Stop buttons instead.

How do I rent keyless cars?

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Refuel for free

Refuel for free at our partner stations and get extra credits! Find the nearest OMV or MOL petrol station and refuel the car with the type of fuel shown on the back of the gas cap. You can find the fuel card in the glove compartment or in the armrest - use this to pay for refueling. Tap on "Fueling" in the lower right corner of the SHARE NOW app to see the card PIN.

Important: always refuel our cars with normal fuel - for petrol cars this is the standard (95 octane) petrol.

How can I earn SHARE NOW credit for fueling or charging?

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Charge for free

Charge fo free and get extra credits for it!
Download the Mobiliti app, use the SHARE NOW filter and find the nearest Mobiliti charging station. After you arrive at the parking lot, connect the charger, take out the charging card from the car and hold it near the Mobiliti charging point to charge, then put the charging card back and make a stopover in the app or close the rental. You can find the charging card in the glove compartment or in the armrest.

How can I earn SHARE NOW credit for fueling or charging?

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Report damages!

For each car, you can see the history of all reported damages in the SHARE NOW app. To report new damages, select the car in the app, press "Report damage", and follow the steps  in the app.

How do I report damages on a car?

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Pets in carriers only!

Please keep pets or animals in a closed carrier when traveling with them. As long as they leave no trace (e.g. smell or hairs), in the car, your furry friends are always a welcome passenger. We hope you and your furry friend will have a good trip!

Am I allowed to bring pets or animals in SHARE NOW cars?

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At the end of your trip, the invoice will be automatically issued and your selected card will be charged. The invoice will be sent to you via e-mail and you will also find it in the application. In the event of payment failure, you will not be able to start a new trip until the transaction is cleared. You can start a payment in the application. You can pay by credit card or via bank transfer.

What happens if my payment fails?

Follow the traffic rules!

You can only use our cars within Hungary. It is important to always obey to the Rules of Road, do not exceed the prescribed speed limit and make sure you parked your car legally and in a safe place.

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Driving under the influence of alcohol or drugs is strictly forbidden in any case. SHARE NOW is a good idea if you're planning a night out, but please pick another mode of transport to get home if you have previously consumed alcohol.

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Don't smoke

Please never smoke in SHARE NOW cars! The ban on smoking also applies to e-cigarettes and heated tobacco products.

Do not litter

Love a clean car? So does every SHARE NOW user. SHARE NOW cars are cleaned regularly, so leave the car in a state you'd like to find it. Before you end your trip, give the car a good check under and between the seats. This way you're less likely to leave something behind – and you're doing the next SHARE NOW user a good deed.

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Do not park irresponsibly!

You can park SHARE NOW cars for free on any legal public street parking space within the Home Area and in the dedicated SHARE NOW parking lots, in accordance with current parking regulations. Please do not leave the car in private car parks, parking garages or in areas where parking is not permitted.


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