Our Community: Five types of car-sharer

Sustainable, individual and flexible – that’s what makes car-sharing so popular. And that’s why it’s being used in an ever-increasing number of cities by an ever-growing number of people. Thanks to the freedom it offers, car-sharing is ideal for a wide range of people. We’ve dug into the numbers and come up with the five most common types of car-sharing customers.

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The Urbanite

This car-sharing group includes mostly young men and women who live in busy city centres. They have consciously decided to enjoy the benefits of owning a car without actually having to own one. One of the main reasons for this decision is that owning comes with fixed costs and a lot of hassle. The urbanite typically uses public transport, bicycles and car-sharing for all of their mobility needs - flexibility is key for this demographic and having the ability to choose the mode of transport that best fits each situation is one of the main reasons car-sharing has become part of their routines.

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The Tourist

Tourists are typically new to a city and hence don’t always know their way around. They either don’t own a car or have left it at home. Car-sharing, thus, provides the ideal alternative. A set of wheels while on the road. The tourist can use a car whenever they need one – whether to take a tour of the city or simply to hop from one sightseeing spot to the next. Registration with a European driving license is quick and easy in the SHARE NOW app and only takes a few minutes. What’s more, all members who have already registered in another European country can simply rent a car abroad using their existing account with no admin. When you become a member of a car-sharing community like ours, you’ll have access to vehicles in 16 major cities across 8 countries in Europe.

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The Business Person

People often travel around the city for business. Whether it’s hopping from one meeting to the next or travelling to another city to meet clients, car-sharing offers companies the easiest and cheapest way of making sure their employees can conveniently get to where they need to be. Increasingly, car-sharing is becoming a popular company perk for employers - offering staff access to a large fleet of premium vehicles with a monthly mobility allowance.

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The Weekend Adventurer

Life in the city is bliss, but there are times when you just need to get away from the hustle and bustle. Escaping to the countryside for a day trip or a weekend away can be the perfect respite from big-city living. Car-sharing opens up the possibility of travel outside of the city limits. You can rent a car from anywhere from a couple of hours right up to 30 days, meaning that however far you plan on adventuring outside of the city, you’re covered. The weekend adventurer is the kind of car-sharer that loves to escape into nature, go for a swim in a rural lake or just tackle an attractive road trip.


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The Multitasker

Doing the shopping, picking up clothes from the dry cleaners, taking the kids to school or visiting relatives on a Sunday – for the ultimate multitasker, flexible car-sharing is there when they need it. Public transport is great, but when you’ve got a lot of errands to run or heavy shopping bags to carry, the train or bus can be a chore. Having your own car on these busy days can be a life-saver, and the urban multitasker knows it.

David McCourt

David McCourt

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