The most exciting EVs to look out for soon

Over the past several years, we’ve seen the market for fully electric vehicles (EVs) hot up. The streets of our cities are starting to sparkle with the sight of new and interesting, electrified models of icons of the past, as well as new designs for modern urban life. Cars like the all-electric MINI and the Fiat 500e are already in the SHARE NOW fleet. We also have a soft spot for the Hyundai IONIQ 5 and the adorable Honda e. But what about new, unreleased cars? Is there anything on the horizon that gets us excited? Here are our most highly anticipated electric vehicles coming to a city near you in the not-so-distant future.

Lucid Air Dream Edition

After turning heads in North America, the Lucid Air Dream Edition heads to Europe in 2022. It comes in two production models: Performance and Range. The Dream Edition P is about speed and acceleration, while the Dream Edition R is designed to maximize range. Inside, the Dream Edition’s interior palette is inspired by “the soft light and muted colours of daybreak on Santa Monica beach” and is fitted with Silvered Eucalyptus wood and platinum metal trim. Don’t expect to see one of these on the streets any time soon though - with the run limited to just 520 cars and prices starting at 218 000 € in Germany and 222 000 € in the Netherlands, the Lucid Air Dream Edition will be extremely rare.

© Image: Lucid

Ford Mustang Mach-E GT

To some, just the idea of a fully-electric Ford Mustang was sacrilege. Throw in an SUV version and you’ve got one of the biggest ideological departures from the original American muscle car imaginable - and yet, it works. The original Mach-E hardly lacked power or torque, but with the GT version, Ford is pandering to Mustang performance purists. The Mach-E GT goes from 0 to 100 km/h in just 3.7 seconds. With 487 horsepower under the hood, this thing is faster than a Ford GT. Prices start at around 73 000 €, or about 25 000 € more than the entry-level Mach-E. Although it technically went on sale in October 2021, stock is currently limited. Sales should resume in late 2022.

© Image: Ford

smart #1

Sticking with e-SUVs, the smart #1 is next on our list. Launched to herald a new generation of smart models following investment from Chinese firm Zhejiang Geely Holding Group, the new e-SUV was revealed at the IAA 2021. The idea is to move from the small city smarts of the past into a new era of higher premium, high-tech cars for the future. It’s certainly a progressive design, and that large panoramic glass roof with atmospheric roof lighting looks striking. Whether or not the smart #1 can turn heads like the original fortwo when it finally hits the streets though, remains to be seen. The smart #1 is available to order from December 2022, with deliveries starting in mid-2023.

© Image: smart

DB2022AU00425 retina 2400
Volkswagen ID. Buzz

As we’ve touched on in our Engage Reverse series, electrified versions of the icons of the past are very much en vogue right now. Enter, the Volkswagen ID. Buzz - an all-electric version of the legendary VW Campervan, also known as the VW Bus or the T1. It looks more modern and angled than the original, but the two-tone paintwork remains to hit all those nostalgia pressure points. Volkswagen has even roped in Ewan McGregor to promote this one. Orders for the ID. Buzz opened in May, with the first vans set to be delivered in Europe as early as September 2022. Prices start at 64, 581 € for the entry-level model, with additional Buzz Pro and Buzz Cargo models offering various upgrades in terms of tech and trim.

© Image: Volkswagen

0x0-Cybertruck 11
Tesla Cybertruck

If there’s one upcoming electric vehicle that needs no introduction, it’s this one. The Tesla Cybertruck is the most outlandish and interesting EV ever, as far as we're concerned. The unveiling in November 2019 was a cultural event. Elon Musk claimed the "Armor Glass" windows could not be broken, before someone threw a metal ball shattering two of them. They hit it with a sledgehammer. Much about this truck remains a mystery. Tesla previously announced prices starting at 39 000 $. However, in October 2021, it removed Cybertruck pricing and specifications from its website without explanation. You can still “order” your Cybertruck and configure it for a 100 $ deposit today. It could come out in 2023. It could also not.

© Image: Tesla

Rivian R1S

Tesla may be leading the way when it comes to head-turning electric pickup truck designs, but others are competing for market share. Once considered the last bastion for the petrol-head diehards, pickup trucks are now going electric. Rivian, with its upcoming R1S, is one of the most exciting manufacturers. The company made TIME's List of 100 Most Influential Companies for 2022, and the tech startup has already attracted big-name investors in the shape of Amazon and Ford. With a range of up to 400 miles and up to 750 horsepower, these are serious machines. Electric motors on each wheel deliver power and traction that can adjust to the road conditions, making these pickup trucks ultimate off-roaders. The R1S Launch Edition starts at 70 000 $ in the United States.

© Image: Rivian

Lightyear 0

After six years of R&D, the world’s first production-ready solar car is just around the corner. The Lightyear 0 features five square meters of patented, double-curved solar arrays. They tested this thing in the Netherlands and claim that people with a daily commute of shorter than 35 kilometres were able to drive for two months without needing to plug it in for a charge. In optimal conditions, drivers can gain 70 kilometres a day through the solar panels on the Lightyear 0. The price for this innovation comes in at an eye-watering 250 000 €. Lightyear says this is just to "effectively introduce this new form of mobility", and that the second model it produces will start at a much more consumer-friendly 30 000 €.

© Image: Lightyear

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