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Meet the BMW X1

Ready for action

The adventurer of our fleet. Cool and confident, the BMW X1 likes to set standards. The sub-compact SUV boasts an athletic silhouette with its long wheelbase and short overhangs – an eye-catching exterior design element that makes it stand out from the crowd. Versatility and spaciousness provide more head- and leg-room, and the adjustable rear seats more storage space. A powerful engine, perfectly tuned gears, and an sDrive system – the BMW X1 assures a dynamic and agile ride on any terrain, be it city streets or rougher nature landscapes. With extra room for sports equipment, it’s the perfect choice for your excursions.

Includes 200 km

+ 0,27 €/km
2 to 6 hours¹

+ 0,27 €/km
1 to 30 days¹

BMW X1 features


Unlimited comfort

BMW X1 highlights

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Fueling on the go

We provide a fueling card inside the car for your convenience! You can find partner fuel stations on the in-car screen under "Points of Interest" or directly in the SHARE NOW app. You're not expected to refuel the car when you're done, but if you do, we'll reward you 4,00 € of SHARE NOW credit for it.

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A reliable co-pilot

No, it's not like that friend of yours who nods off while trying to keep you company. Equipped with safety systems such as the Driving Assistant Plus and Parking Assistant, the BMW X1 is alert at all times. On long drives, you can be assured of all the support you crave that an actual human may not be able to give you. The BMW X1 also has the power to keep boredom at bay, by connecting you to your favourite apps and music through Bluetooth, audio connectivity, Apple CarPlay and Android Auto.

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Playful high performance

The intelligent BMW front-wheel drive system sDrive guarantees you extra dynamism and extra safety. Mood swings? You can choose between COMFORT or SPORT mode – whatever suits you best. The optional Adaptive LED headlights makes this car look cool as it should, and the two-colour LED projection that welcomes you to the car is nothing short of that red-carpet feeling.

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Start/Stop button

No more car keys! Stand next to the car to start/end your trip in the SHARE NOW app – the car will unlock/lock automatically. To start/stop the engine, simply press the Start/Stop button. Want to park and keep the car? Learn how to make a stopover in this video.

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Full specifications

Model BMW X1
Class Sport Utility Vehicle
Acceleration 0 – 100 km/h in 9.3 seconds
Top speed 204 km/h
Engine 4-cylinder in-line
Power 110 kW (150 hp)
Torque 280 Nm
Fuel consumption combined 4.7 L / 100 km
Equipment sDrive front-wheel drive, Automatic Air Conditioning, Navigation System, Bluetooth connectivity, Driving Assistance Plus, Parking Assistant
Cargo volume 450 – 1,550 L
Doors 5 doors
Seats 5 passengers
Transmission 8-speed Steptronic transmission
Start-stop system Yes
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Unlimited perks

Rent the BMW X1 with SHARE NOW

For your safety, our car interiors are regularly disinfected.

You choose exactly the rate you want in the app before each trip.

Our cars free-float all around the city and can be unlocked with just our app.

You can park for free within the Home Area. Discover more about our Parking rules

You can fuel for free at partner gas stations. Plus: No need to refuel before you return the car!

You earn 5,00 € of SHARE NOW credit each time you plug in a car.

No need to refuel or return the car when you're done — just drop it off in the Home Area.

In case of damages, your deductible is 1,000 € (250 € with Plus Coverage) - no extra charge.

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