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Free2move Car Subscription

Car on demand

Car subscription without commitment

Car ownership can be complicated, let's face it. As well as the lengthy ordering process, there's so much to think about after you have bought your car. What type of insurance do you need to buy? How are you going to manage the maintenance of your new car? What happens if your situation changes and you need a different vehicle, or a different mobility solution altogether? Enter, car subscription services. Free2move car subscription is the simplification of owning your own car boiled down to one, single monthly payment. Delivery, customer support, maintenance, insurance - it's all included.

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Drive a new or recent car

All of the cars you can get on a Free2move car subscription are at most 36 months old. That means you can drive a contemporary vehicle and enjoy all the mod-cons that come with new cars, such as Bluetooth connectivity, parking assistant technology, efficient fuel economy and modern designs.

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Comprehensive insurance

Buying a new car means buying insurance. There are a million car insurance products out there and choosing which one works for you, at the best price, can be overwhelming. With a car subscription from Free2move, comprehensive insurance is included in your monthly payment. It's taken care of.

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Maintenance included

One of the reasons drivers opt for car on demand over buying new or used vehicles is the issue of maintenance. The advantages of car subscriptions in this area are two-fold. Firstly, car subscriptions offer newer cars, so breakdowns are less likely. Secondly, maintenance is included in the monthly price, so if anything does go wrong, you can get it fixed for free.

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No commitment

Car on demand is all about boiling down car ownership to a simple monthly fee. But what happens if you want to opt-out? With car on demand from Free2move, there is no long-term obligation to continue your car subscription. The contract is flexible and built to your needs, with the option of no commitment.


How car subscription works

Choose your car, your desired flexibility and your estimated mileage per month to submit your quote request online.

Create an account and set up your subscription to get instant approval.

Free2move will deliver the car to the address of your choice, usually within 14 days.


What cars can I get on subscription?

The Free2move car on demand fleet features a large variety of car models. Need a car subscription for your business? There is also a range of vans and utility vehicles available. New cars from top brand are available. You can also customise your chosen car with equipment and trim options. If you can't find the exact model you want, Free2move consultants are on hand to help.

Free2move car subscriptions

Free2move’s car subscription service offers you the chance to drive a new car for one monthly payment. Your monthly payment covers everything, including insurance and maintenance, so you know exactly what your car will cost each month. Car subscriptions, including those for businesses, are services tailored to your needs, offering flexible contract terms without requiring a long-term commitment.



Car availability subject to change. You can find all currently available models on the Free2move website.