Where can I park in Rome?

We work closely with the local government in Rome so you can enjoy the privilege of free legal street parking all around the SHARE NOW Home Area in Rome. If you feel like skipping the search, simply take advantage of 115 dedicated car-sharing parking spots available in the city.
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Parking Rules

You can park almost anywhere. But where can you stopover or end a trip? A rule of thumb when you look for parking is to ask yourself: Would I leave my own car here?

in Home Area
outside Home Area
End trip
in Home Area
Public parking
Paid and free
EU Blue Zones
Own parking disk needed

Only in Rome
Restricted traffic zones (ZTL)
"Zona a traffico limitato"
Restricted traffic zones (ZTL) A1 - Tridente No No No
SHARE NOW parking spots
Garages, airports, etc.
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Fiumicino FCO: 9,99 €
Ciampino CIA: 5,99 €
Parking with parking disc No
Time-restricted parking
Open-air markets, bus lanes, loading zones, moving zones, etc.
Private parking
Supermarkets, companies, private property, etc.
Private parking garages
Parking is at your own cost

Parking is at your own cost
Restricted parking
Disabled parking, bus lanes, pedestrian lanes
No No No

Car-sharing Parking

Enjoy a total of 125 parking spots dedicated exclusively to car-sharing in Rome.

Location No. of spots Where exactly Coordinates
Lungotevere in Augusta 5 To the left, in front of house no. 28 41.909545, 12.473194
Lungotevere dei Mellini 5 To the left, before the pedestrial traffic light 41.907812, 12.472846
Piazza dei Tribunali 6 In front of tourist bus parking spots 41.903102, 12.470743
Lungotevere Marzio 5 To the right, next to tourist bus parking spots 41.902472, 12.472579
Lungotevre degli Altoviti 6 To the left, in front of Piazza Paoli 41.900982, 12.465140
Lungotevere del Sangallo 6 To the left, in front of Vicolo del Cefalo 41.898038, 12.465165
Lungotevere Gianicolense 5 To the left, in front of the bus stop 41.896264, 12.464859
Lungotevere dei Tebaldi 6 To the left, after Ponte Sisto (bridge) 41.892857, 12.471048
Lungotevere Sanzio 6 To the left, in front of house no. 1 41.891758, 12.470543
Lungotevere de' Cenci 5 To the left, near Via Beatrice Cenci 41.891794, 12.475336
Lungotevere Anguillara 5 To the right, near house no. 12 41.889775, 12.476387
Piazzale Clodio 10 Central parking 41.916672, 12.454352
Cipro station 10 Inside the "park-and-ride" parking lot 41.906916, 12.447559
Roma Trastevere railway station 8 Piazza Flavio Biondo (square), in front of the station 41.872791, 12.466195
Roma Ostiense railway station 6 Piazzale dei Partigiani (square) 41.873794, 12.485350
Piramide station 8 Viale Marco Polo, intersection Piazzale Ostiense 41.875877, 12.483518
Via del Castro Laurenziano 5 To the right, near house no. 15 41.904504, 12.519004
Anagnina station 8 Inside the high-rise "park-and-ride" parking lot 41.843496, 12.587095
Parcheggio Termini 11 Entrance by car over Via Marsale 53, entrance by foot only trough the staircases/elevators at platforms n°11 and n°12. Access possible without train ticket by showing car reservation 41.899181, 12.505153
Total: 125

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