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MINI 60 Years

Our iconic MINI models enjoy a success story that spans 60 years. To celebrate, we integrated the special-edition MINI 60 Years into our fleet. The British Racing Green sports beautiful details such as bonnet strips and a hand-stitched sports steering wheel. Find it now in the SHARE NOW app.

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How can we shape a sustainable future? To answer this question we teamed up with ImpactHub at the annual Climathon – an exciting marathon of ideas for urban climate innovations. Participants tackle different challenges intensively within 24 hours to come up with creative solutions. Get involved now and be the change!

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When you run into problems on the road, who you gonna call? In Germany, it's ADAC – our reliable mobility partner. The automobile club is there to support you in every situation on the road. Are you an ADAC member? Get your offer now.

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Wellenwerk is THE new surfing hotspot in Berlin. With its enormous indoor standing wave, it is the ultimate experience for all landlocked surfers in the capital. To celebrate its opening, we've included Wellenwerk in our SHARE NOW Berlin Home Area 🎉

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