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SHARE NOW puts you in the driver's seat of the world's most iconic vehicles. Within seconds the app shows you the car closest to you. With a few taps, you're at the wheel, driving to your next destination. Enjoy thousands of the world's most popular cars in the streets of our different SHARE NOW cities.


opel-corsa-carbon-black-perspective1 14779

Opel is known for making high-quality cars that don't break the bank, which is why so many people around the world love the brand. The German automobile manufacturer was founded in 1862, and Opel's lineup includes a range of city cars, SUVs, and commercial vehicles that cater to every need. At SHARE NOW, we are proud to welcome our first Opel model in our fleet: the Opel Corsa!

The cult classic.
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The SUV that packs a punch.
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Take on the city.
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Unleash your urban spirit.
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fiat-500-grey-perspective1 14834

When we introduced the Fiat 500 to our SHARE NOW fleet, it quickly became one of our most popular cars. It's easy to see why. With iconic Italian style and urban ergonomics, this little city car was always going to be a hit. We since expanded our Fiat range to include more comfortable variants of the 500 for longer trips.

La dolce vita.
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Fiat 500e ⚡️

Next level city car.
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Fiat 500X

Dare to be wild.
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Peugeot has been busy redesigning its entire lineup over the past couple of years, and the result is certainly eye-catching. The French know a thing or two about style, and the range of Peugeot's in the SHARE NOW fleet is vast, with something for every road trip, big or small.

The power of seduction.
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Bring the family.
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Supple, yet robust.
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Dream big, drive big.
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Citroën has always been a synonym for style and comfort on the road. SHARE NOW drivers can take advantage of those qualities with the Citroën C3 proudly representing what it means to take a smooth and seamless drive, whether you're niping around the city or venturing outside of the Home Area.

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