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What is Mercedes-Benz Rent?

Mercedes-Benz Rent is a premium car rental service that shares our taste for nice rides. We partnered up with Mercedes-Benz Rent to offer you an even bigger selection of cars.

Advantages of Mercedes-Benz Rent:
✔ Exciting, clean, brand-new vehicles.
✔ You'll get the exact car category you want.
✔ Enjoy premium concierge service at Mercedes-Benz Rent.
✔ Exciting car models not usually available in the SHARE NOW app.
✔ Exclusive Customer Service and dedicated hotline.

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⚠️ This offer is currently only available in Berlin, Stuttgart, Frankfurt, Cologne, Hamburg and Munich.

How can I contact Mercedes-Benz Rent Customer Support?

Mercedes-Benz Rent offers a dedicated hotline and exclusive Customer Support for all your booking and trip questions: 📞 0681 9659 5052

You can also reach Mercedes-Benz Rent directly:

Mercedes-Benz Niederlassung Berlin
Tel.: +49 30 3901 3901
Salzufer 1, 10587 Berlin

Mercedes-Benz Niederlassung Stuttgart
Tel.: +49 711 2590 8329
Mercedesstraße 102, 70372 Stuttgart

Mercedes-Benz Niederlassung Frankfurt am Main
Tel.: +49 69 8501 4731
Kaiserleipromenade 10, 60599 Frankfurt am Main

Mercedes-Benz Niederlassung Cologne
Tel.: +49 221 5796 0535
Mercedes-Allee 1, 50858 Cologne

Mercedes-Benz Niederlassung Hamburg
Tel.: + 49 40 6941 4141
Friedrich-Ebert-Damm 115, 22047 Hamburg

Mercedes-Benz Niederlassung Munich
Tel.: +49 89 1206 2200
Arnulfstraße 61, 80636 Munich

How much does the Mercedes-Benz Rent car rental service cost?

Booking a Mercedes-Benz Rent car is free – there is no extra cost to reserve their cars. But as you'll be booking cars directly from Mercedes-Benz Rent, their trip rates will apply. There are a few differences:

  • Parking costs are not included.
  • You'll need a credit card and 1000 € will be temporarily blocked for security.

Learn more on the Mercedes-Benz Rent website

⚠️ This offer is currently only available in Berlin, Stuttgart, Frankfurt, Cologne, Hamburg and Munich.

How do I book a Mercedes-Benz Rent car through SHARE NOW?

As Mercedes-Benz Rent cars don't free-float around the city, you'll pick up and drop off cars at an official showroom.

You can now book Mercedes-Benz Rent via the SHARE NOW app:
Plan trip ▶ Enter your city ▶ Mercedes-Benz Rent ▶ Enter your dates ▶ Choose category

Or you can go to their online booking platform here:
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⚠️ This offer is currently only available in Berlin, Stuttgart, Frankfurt, Cologne, Hamburg and Munich.

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