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The world's leading free-floating car-sharing service

At SHARE NOW, our mission is to contribute to more liveable cities, improving the quality of life for urban residents. An increasing number of people in cities no longer want or need to own their own car, opting instead for a more flexible mobility solution. We're giving our customers the flexibility to use a car whenever they need it wherever they need it.

On average a SHARE NOW vehicle is moved up to six times more frequently than a privately owned car, and thus frees up space within the city. Overall, car-sharing users drive fewer kilometres with a car in the city, reducing congestion, noise and air pollution. Car-sharing is a perfect complement to public transport and an important component in the transformation of mobility. No other company has more operative knowledge about managing large vehicle fleets within an urban area today.

SHARE NOW is headquartered at the iconic Kaufhaus Jandorf on the corner of Brunnenstrasse and Veteranenstrasse in Berlin. The former department store, which first opened in 1904, also served as an institute for fashion design in the GDR. Since July 2019, the building has been our global headquarters.

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