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Get around Madrid with the Environmental Bonus


Bye car, hello freedom!

At SHARE NOW we believe in making our cities more liveable. In this spirit, we want to support and strengthen the Madrid environmental bonus for zero-emission mobility. If you join the car-sharing community you will get access to a 100 % electric fleet in Madrid. All the benefits of having a car, with none of the fuss – that's car-sharing! Transitioning from private car ownership to a more sustainable and flexible solution doesn't have to be hard! Discover all the advantages that car-sharing can offer as an alternative form of transport. Gone are the days of paying for parking or recharging. Our service is all-inclusive: maintenance and coverage are included!

Car-sharing is the only car you'll need in the city: Spend your bonus with SHARE NOW by converting it into SHARE NOW credit. To help you kickstart your car-sharing journey, we'll gift you extra credit when redeeming your environmental bonus. Enjoy sustainable driving with these offers:

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Special Bundle Deal

  • Buy 30 € and get 35 € credit
  • Buy 100 € and get 115 € credit
  • Buy 300 € and get 350 € credit
  • Buy 500 € and get 600 € credit
  • Buy 1,000 € and get 1,200 € credit

Eco-friendly transport

Redeem your bonus with SHARE NOW

If you haven't heard of the environmental bonus, find out more and apply now. If you already have, you will have received a 1,250 € prepaid VISA credit card from CaixaBank. Before starting to use the card, it is necessary to activate it. You can activate the VISA card at any CaixaBank ATM or online. The credit is valid for 24 months after redemption.

Ready to join the car-sharing community? Enjoy sustainable mobility in Madrid and the freedom of always having a car – when you need one.

How does it work?

1. Sign up to SHARE NOW and add your new pre-paid VISA card (CaixaBank) to your payment option.
2. Email us at and let us know which offer you would like to purchase.

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1. Register with SHARE NOW

After activating your credit card from CaixaBank, get the SHARE NOW App and join if you haven't already. Ready to redeem your environmental bonus? First, you have to link your new pre-paid VISA card to your SHARE NOW account.

Open the app: Menu ▶ Payment ▶ Edit payment profile(s)

Register now

2. Spend your bonus

Payment profile set with your new VISA from CaixaBank? Write us an email and specify which special bundle deal you'd like to purchase. We will get back to you with a promo code. Next, redeem the promo code in the app, i.e. you receive 600 € in SHARE NOW Credit and pay 500 €.

Open the app: Menu ▶ Payment ▶ Got a promo code? ▶ Redeem

Email us


Get the bonus

If you decide to scrap your old private car (your vehicle must be older than 10 years) you are eligible for the 1,250 € grant for the promotion of zero-emission mobility from the Madrid government.


Am I eligible?

SHARE NOW has partnered up with the Madrid government to provide the Madrileños with the mobility they need.

Environmental vouchers worth 1,250 € are granted for the use of carsharing, in exchange for scrapping private vehicles that are more than 10 years old or do not have an environmental sticker (distintivo ambiental). Take full advantage of your environmental bonus by converting it into SHARE NOW credit!

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The Madrid fleet

What cars can I find in Madrid?

Choose from hundreds of iconic electric cars and plug-in hybrids free-floating all around Madrid. From boardroom to bar, there's a car for every occasion. Whether you need a car for a few minutes, hours, or days, simply choose the best rate for you in the app before each trip.² See all cars in Spain →

Fiat 500e ⚡️

Iconic and electric.
0,19 €/minute****
7,99 €/hour****
39,83 €/day****
See more  →

Peugeot e-208 ⚡️

Feel the electricity.
0,21 €/minute****
9,99 €/hour****
43,16 €/day****
See more  →