Frequently asked questions



Can I book a car in advance?

Yes you can.

Pre-booking is free and lets you decide exactly where and when you want your car. We'll bring your pre-booked car within walking distance of your requested pick-up address — within the Home Area, of course!

Pre-booking is exclusively available for long-term rentals from 1 to 30 days. Learn more about pre-booking here

Where is pre-booking available?

Pre-booking is currently available in the following countries:


How far in advance can I pre-book a car?

Currently, you can pre-book a car from 3 to 45 days in advance.

What happens if I'm late to pick up the car?

Don't worry. We'll make sure the car stays reserved for you up to 1 hour after your requested pick-up time.

After 1 hour, your pre-booking will be automatically cancelled and you will be charged 1 full rental day (24 hours).

Can I use a different SHARE NOW car during my pre-booking?

Once the pre-booked car has been reserved for you 1 hour before start time, you will not be able to reserve or rent other SHARE NOW cars.

Will my pre-booked car be delivered to the exact pick-up location I ask for?

Our goal is to make sure you don't have to walk more than 10 minutes (roughly 800m) to reach your pre-booked car.

How will I find my pre-booked car?

When the car is ready for you, we'll notify you via email and SMS. Simply open the SHARE NOW app. The car will already be reserved for you on the map. Just walk over and start your trip in the app!

How can I cancel my pre-booking?

You can simply cancel your pre-booking via the app:

Open the app ▶ Menu ▶ Trips ▶ Upcoming trips ▶ Cancel booking  Cancellations are free if you do so at least 3 hours before your start time. After that, a late cancellation fee will be charged, as we would have set aside the car just for you. We hope that sounds fair!

How do I charge an electric car?

Charging an electric car in Paris is fun and – dare we say – addictive:

  1. Look for an available Autolib’ charging pole (there should be a green light on top of the pole). Be careful not to confuse charging stations for parking stations!
  2. Lift the lid on the charging pole.
  3. Take out the charging cable from the car's trunk.
  4. First connect the cable to the charging pole, and then the car.
  5. The light on the car's charging port should turn green. Return the car key.
  6. End your trip. Voilà !

Watch video: How to charge electric SHARE NOW cars

Hint: Each time you fully charge a car that has less than 60% battery level, you earn 5,00 € of credit. This can be used to pay for your trips and trip-related costs (subject to location). Just make sure you end your trip after you charge the car!

What are partner charging stations?

You don't have to charge our cars, but if you do, the cost is on us! Simply check the app for all partner charging stations in your area.


E.ON (Copenhagen)

Autolib' (Paris)
Belib' (outside the Paris Home Area – we provide you a charging card if you book the Comfort Package)

Innogy, Vatenfall, The New Motion Deutschland (Berlin)
RheinEnergie (Cologne)
RheinEnergie, SWD (Dusseldorf)
EnBW (Hamburg)
SWM (Munich)
EnBW (Stuttgart)

We charge the cars for you in Budapest.

A2A (Milan)

Vattenfall (formerly Nuon)

Charging hubs (park and charge in our exclusive parking garages in Madrid)