Our Balaton Sound offer ended on July 2nd, 2022.

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Head to the Balaton Sound Festival with SHARE NOW!

Up to 40 € discount
Get to the Balaton Sound Festival with SHARE NOW! If you drive a 1-4 day package and ask your car with home delivery, you get 4000 credits for each day with your Balaton Sound ticket!

How it works

Arrive at Balaton Sound by carsharing

See how to get to the Balaton Sound Festival with SHARE NOW!

Illustration Step 2 - Download App + Upload License

1. Register and download the app, if you are not a SHARE NOW user yet

Registration is quick and easy. Download the SHARE NOW app and register right on your smartphone.

After registering, add a payment profile and upload your driver's license in the app with just a few clicks. Once your account is validated, you are ready to start carsharing!


2. Accept Terms & Conditions for Hungary, if you haven't already done so

If you have only used SHARE NOW abroad so far, or have not driven in the last few months, you must accept the Terms & Conditions for Hungary! This is especially important as this is the only way you can get your car delivered to your home!

  1. Open the SHARE NOW app!
  2. Find Budapest on the dynamic map!
  3. Select any car and press the "Start" button!
  4. Accept the Terms & Conditions in the pop-up message!
Illustration Step 3a - Accept Company Invite

3. Send your Balaton Sound ticket code via email

If you have already purchased a ticket, you will soon receive a unique promo code from Balaton Sound. If you are a new customer, you receive your code at the same time as your ticket.

Send your unique promo code you received from Balaton Sound by clicking the button below! If the link below doesn't work, please email your promo code following the description*!

Illustration Pre-Book Hand Phone Calendar Location-Pin

4. Prebook your car

Book your car at least 72 hours before starting your trip. If you arrive from abroad, you can also request your car to be delivered to the airport. Choose the car category and tell when and where you want the car – you don’t have to worry about the rest. No paperwork, no queues & you don't have travel to pick it up!

If you request your car with home delivery and you travel for 1-4 days, you will receive 4000 credits for each day with your Balaton Sound ticket!

unlock bmw ID 9360

5. Start your trip

At the specified time, you will find your car within walking distance of your requested pick-up address.

  1. Don’t forget to take 4 pictures of the four corners of the car before and after your trip! You need to keep these pictures for 90 days on your phone. This is necessary so that if anything happens to the car before or after your trip, you can always prove that the damage was not caused by you.
  2. Once you get to the car, tap "Start" in the app.
  3. Use Face ID or enter the 4-digit magic PIN you set for yourself when you registered. The car opens automatically.
  4. Pack in the car and get in.
  5. Once you are in the car, start the engine with the Start/Stop button or the keys in the glove compartment and head straight to the festival!
Illustration Special Offer Discount Promotion Rebate

6. Earn credits while driving

Get a discount of 4000 Ft for every day of your daily package trip! The daily 4000 credits will be credited during your trip and the discount will be deducted from the total cost at the end of the trip.

By claiming the discount, you accept the Promotion Policy.

Illustration Stopover Phone Hand Car

7. Use the dedicated SHARE NOW parking spots to make a stopover

When you arrive, park your car in the dedicated SHARE NOW parking lot on Szent István Street, next to the Festival Area, and make a stopover in the app. Make sure you set the handbrake and close the windows. If you've used a physical key during your trip, be sure to return it to the holder in the glove compartment.

You can still use the car during the festival if you feel like jumping somewhere, but be especially careful you never drink and drive!

Don’t forget to take 4 pictures of the four corners of the car after your trip! You need to keep the photos on your phone for 3 months.

A map showing dedicated SHARE NOW parking spaces will be here soon.

Illustration Home Area

8. Return to the Home Area from the Festival and end your trip in the app

Let's head for home! Bring the car back to the Home Area after the festival. You can also end your trip at the airport, in the parking lot reserved for SHARE NOW. Do not drive under the influence of alcohol under any circumstances!

Don’t forget to take 4 pictures of the four corners of the car after your trip! You need to keep the photos on your phone for 3 months.


BUD airport ✈ Balaton Sound

Pick up your car when you land in Budapest

Just landed? Our cars are ready for you at Vecsés Parking Lot.

After you landed, call the +36 70 374 6141 number for our free shuttle bus, it takes you to the SHARE NOW Vecsés Parking Lot.

Use of Vecsés Parking Lot

Find your car at the parking lot and start your trip in the app! No need to pay for parking upon exit – the parking barrier will automatically lift when it detects that you're in a SHARE NOW car.

Head straight to the Festival! The Balaton Sound Festival is easily approachable by car, it is only a few hours away from Budapest. Have a nice trip!


Add more perks

Customise your trip

Comfort Package ✓ Cleaned interior + washed exterior
✓ 100% fueled up and ready to go

Electric cars ⚡
✓ >75% charged and ready to go
4 990 Ft
Airport Fee Guarantee yourself a car upon landing. Prebook a car, set the airport address as a pickup address and a car will be waiting for you when you land. See all airport fees
Plus Coverage Collisions & Theft: Deductible reduced to 100 000 Ft from 1 999 Ft
Image Map Budapest Airport Parking (BUD)



The Balaton Sound Festival is easily approachable by car, it is just a few hours away from Budapest:

  1. Take the M7 motorway towards Zamárdi.
  2. Take exit 112.
  3. Continue on road 7, then turn right onto Szent István utca after the train station.
  4. If you're coming from another city, use Google Maps – simply enter "Balaton Sound" as your destination.
  5. Look for the dedicated SHARE NOW parking lot next to the Festival Area, in Szent István Street!

Info: In Hungary, the Base Fee includes the national motorway sticker for petrol cars and the motorway sticker for Pest County for electric models.

A map showing dedicated SHARE NOW parking spaces will be here soon.

Useful tips

When you're on the road

When you're not driving, lock up the car and start a stopover in the app or lock the car with keys.
When you're ready to drive again, simply unlock the car in the app or open the car with the keys.

You find fuel cards in the petrol cars, so you can easily refuel at the OMV or MOL stations, and a charge card in the electric cars for free charging at our partner stations.

The Base Fee includes the toll costs. If you’d like to travel around the country, all petrol cars have a National Highway Sticker and all electric cars have a highway sticker for Pest county.

The Base Fee is automatically added to the total cost of your trips and reduces your deductible to 300 000 Ft. Choose the Plus Coverage for each trip to reduce your deductible to 100 000 Ft.

SHARE NOW Rules in Hungary

Before you set off, check out the summary below for some important information and rules you should follow on the way to the festival. Read Code of SHARE NOW for more information.

Hungary has a zero-tolerance policy for drinking and driving, which means that drivers' blood alcohol concentration cannot be above 0%. It is important to note that the insurance is also invalidated when drink driving, so the driver becomes liable for all damages in the event of an accident.

Please never smoke in SHARE NOW cars! The ban on smoking also applies to e-cigarettes and heated tobacco products.

Always take 4 pictures of the four corners of the car before and after your trip in a way that the license plate of the vehicle is legible on the photographs, and keep these pictures for 90 days!

SHARE NOW cars are cleaned regularly, so leave the car in a state you'd like to find it. Before you end your trip, give the car a good check under and between the seats. This way you're less likely to leave something behind.

For each car, you can see the history of all reported damages in the SHARE NOW app. To report new damages, select the car in the app, press "Report damage", and follow the steps  in the app. In case of significant damage or accident, please contact the Customer Support! All SHARE NOW cars are insured, but drive carefully, because normal or reduced CASCO deductibles will only protect you in case of intended use that is in accordance with the Terms & Conditions.

Just landed? Open the SHARE NOW app and check the availability of cars from the moment you land. Our cars can be found at Vecsés Parking Lot, you can take our free shuttle bus to get there. Here's how to use SHARE NOW at the airport.


Most frequently asked questions are covered in the FAQ. Learn about SHARE NOW golden rules and useful tips in the Code of SHARE NOW.



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