Frequently asked questions


Rules & Regulations

What should I do if I've had an accident?

Oh no! We hope everything is alright. Dial 110 immediately and wait until the accident has been processed by the police. Also, call Customer Support to inform us about the accident. Our hotline number can be found in the app.

Am I allowed to bring pets or animals in SHARE NOW cars?

Absolutely! Our only requirement is that you keep pets or animals in a transport box. As long as they don't leave a trace (e.g. smell or hairs) in the car, your furry friends are always a welcome passenger. We hope you and your furry friend have a safe trip!

What should I do if I lose something in a SHARE NOW car?

We'll always do our best to help you get back your lost items! If you've left something valuable in one of our cars, call us immediately and we'll reserve the car for you until you retrieve your item from the car.

If someone else has already removed the item or if the car is already in use, we advise you to call the lost and found office in your city. Don't lose hope – we hear good things from our car-sharing community all the time!

What should I do if I find something in a SHARE NOW car?

This is your chance to do another car-sharer a good deed! If you've found an item (e.g. wallet, handbag, phone, etc.) belonging to someone else in one of our cars, we recommend putting the item into the trunk of the car and ending your trip. Alternatively, you can take the item to the lost and found office in your city.

If it's a particularly valuable item, please contact us – we'll block the car until our service team picks up the item and takes it to the lost and found office in your city.

How can I contact the lost and found office in my city?

Here you can find the contact information and opening hours of all lost and found offices in SHARE NOW cities:







Do I need to take photos of the car?

Yes. Before and after your trip, you are required to take at least four appropriate photographs suitable for evidencing the condition of the vehicle, its suitability for its intended use, and in particular its use without any intentional damage, while looking at the four corners of the car in such a way that the license plate of the vehicle is legible on the photographs. You need to keep the photographs for 3 months on your mobile.