Starting from October 10. 2023, the SHARE NOW Pass will undergo a redesign

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The SHARE NOW Pass subscription: The only pass you need this year

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Making multiple short car-sharing trips? Then you need the SHARE NOW Pass. The SHARE NOW Pass is a monthly subscription plan that lets you save 25% off the minute rate for a low monthly fee. Perfect for several rides a month.

1 690 Ft/mo.
✓ Save 25% off the minute rate
✓ Valid for personal trips
✓ Cancel flexibly

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3 290 Ft/mo.
✓ Save 25% off the minute rate
✓ Valid for business & personal trips
✓ Cancel flexibly

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Subscribe now, save more

What is in it for you? All the usual SHARE NOW perks and more:

Normal Pass25 Business Pass25
Monthly pricing² 1 690 Ft 3 290 Ft
Valid For personal trips For personal and business trips
Savings on minute rate Save 25% Save 25%
Minute rate from 99 Ft from 75 Ft from 75 Ft
Total cost: e.g. 20-minute trip³ from 1 980 Ft from 1 480 Ft from 1 480 Ft
Parking, GPS, automatic transmission, fuel¹ Included Included Included
Valid in Domestic Domestic
Free & flexible cancellation ✔️ ✔️
Minute rate savings on all cars models ✔️ ✔️
Savings on hourly, daily rates No No
Savings on airport fees, drop off fees, other fees No No

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Instantly save 25% on the minute rate—no matter the car, weather, or day. The more you car-share, the more you save.


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