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SHARE NOW Pass Subscription

What is the SHARE NOW Pass?

The SHARE NOW Pass is a monthly subscription plan that lets you enjoy a discounted minute rate on all your trips. It's perfect if you're a frequent car-sharer who makes many short trips.

✓ Monthly subscription plan
✓ Save 25% off the minute rate
✓ Renews automatically every month
✓ Start anytime, cancel flexibly

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What are the benefits of the SHARE NOW Pass?

The SHARE NOW Pass is designed to save costs for the frequent traveler. If you're often on the road for short and frequent trips, the Pass is a great way to save 25% off on all your minute-rate trips. You can start and cancel your subscription anytime.

Is there a SHARE NOW Pass subscription for hourly and daily rates?

No. We currently only offer subscription passes with discounts on the minute rate. We are open to the idea of creating more subscription plans for you, though!

*This product or service is limited to certain SHARE NOW cities only and therefore may not be available in the city of your registration or your respective rental.

How can I cancel my SHARE NOW Pass subscription?

Log into your SHARE NOW account here to cancel your SHARE NOW Pass subscription. To ensure that your subscription does not renew itself at the beginning of the next monthly billing cycle, you must cancel your SHARE NOW Pass at least 14 days before the next monthly billing cycle begins.

After your current subscription expires, you will no longer enjoy savings on the minute rate.

How will I be billed for my SHARE NOW Pass?

Your SHARE NOW Pass subscription will be charged to your selected payment profile every month at the beginning of the billing cycle. Your pass will automatically renew on the same date every month until you cancel it.

Can I use my SHARE NOW Pass in other countries?

If you have a SHARE NOW Pass, your discount is only valid for domestic trips (the Home Legal Entity in all cases). If you drive in another SHARE NOW country, you will be charged the regular minute rate.

Can I use SHARE NOW credit to pay for my subscription?

No. You cannot use SHARE NOW credit to pay for your monthly subscription.

However, you can use your credit to pay for your trips!

If I have the SHARE NOW Pass, can I still use SHARE NOW credit to pay for minute-rate trips?

Yes. As long as you have valid SHARE NOW credit, it will automatically be used to pay for all your trips – including your discounted minute-rate trips.

What discounts can I get with a Dunakeszi Card?

With a Dunakeszi Card you can get 1500 driving credits and three months of free SHARE NOW Pass25, with which you are eligible for a 25% discount from your minute rates.

How can I redeem my Dunakeszi Card discounts?
  1. After your registration, write an email to with the number of your Dunakeszi Card.
  2. SHARE NOW gives you the credits and provides you a coupon code for SHARE NOW Pass25
  3. Open the SHARE NOW app
  4. Click on "Menu" and press "SHARE NOW Pass"
  5. Click "Start subscription" and "Get it"
  6. Choose "Pass25" and press "Continue selection"
  7. Type the coupon code that you've got in the "Promo code" field
  8. After typing in your coupon code, press "Redeem" and press "Confirm purchase & subscribe"
Who is eligible for a student discount?

You can get a 25% student discount on all minute-rate trips if

✓ you are a full-time student with an active student status,
✓ you are 18 years old or above and
✓ you have had a valid driver's license for at least 1 year.

What can I use my student discount for?

We provide a 25% minute-rate discount for students for 6 months, discounting the SHARE NOW Pass25 subscription to 0 Ft. The preconditions for claiming the discount are the same as the subscription terms for the SHARE NOW Pass.

How to get my student discount?
  1. Verify your student status at
  2. Request your SHARE NOW student discount
  3. Open the SHARE NOW app or download it to your mobile
  4. Enter your promo code received via mail from Diverzum in the SHARE NOW Pass menu
  5. Receive your discount and save 25% on the minute rates
What to do if my student discount has expired?

As long as you are a student, you can freely extend your discount several times - prove your student status at!

Can I combine my student discount with other discounts?

Yes! For example, if you go to university early in the morning, you can use it together with the morning 25% discount and drive for as little as 50 Ft/minute.

How is a 25% discount on car prices credited?

The 25% per-minute discount will be deducted from the total amount of your bill at the end of your trip.