The five best car-sharing time-saving tips

Car-sharing is quick and easy – just reserve your car, rent it, drive it, then park it. There are, however, a few things that can eat into your time, and time is money. Often, it’s the little things that add up and cost you time when using car-sharing services. A few seconds here, a few minutes there. Here are our tips and tricks to help you save time and money when driving with SHARE NOW.

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1. Use your phone for navigation

Most of our cars have built-in GPS navigation, but it’s much easier to enter your destination on your phone. Not only is the keyboard on your phone easier to use than your car's touchscreen, but Google Maps works in real-time and has features to help make your trip more efficient. You can even set up your route before starting your trip. In some SHARE NOW cars, such as those from BMW and MINI, you can enter your destination in our app and send it to the car’s navigation system via Bluetooth.

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2. Check charge/fuel levels before driving

If you are in a hurry, make sure that the car you wish to drive has enough fuel or battery to make it to your destination by checking the app. When tapping on the car you want to reserve in the app, you can see the current fuel/charge level as a percentage on the vehicle card. Use this function to avoid making unnecessary stops. Alternatively, if you've got time to spare and want to earn some driving credit, pick a car with a low level and fill it up or charge it for free!

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3. Check for pre-existing damage before your trip

Car-sharing is all about community. Check your SHARE NOW car for damage before driving to keep our fleet in good shape. A good habit is to do a quick walk around when approaching your car to see if there is any damage before beginning your trip. You can report damages to the car directly in the app, and even upload photos. This allows us to carry out repairs as quickly as possible. Check the app for previously reported damages on any car.

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4. De-ice your car before you drive

During the cold winter months, the weather can take its toll on car-sharing vehicles. Making sure your car is roadworthy can take up time. If you've still got a few minutes of reservation time left, consider removing ice from the windscreen and roof of your car before your start your trip in the app. This will save your time in ensuring that you're are only paying for the time you spend driving, rather than your exterior preparation time.

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5. Identify a parking space ahead of time

SHARE NOW is present in several of Europe's biggest cities and, as a result, normal urban driving best-practices can be huge time-savers. If you're using car-sharing to head into the city centre for a spot of shopping, take the time before you leave to research where you'd like to park. There's nothing worse than spending your afternoon looking for a parking space. Plan ahead, and consider your options. You can park for free (almost) anywhere in the Home Area.

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