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Rent a car at Linate Airport from 19,99 €/day

Flexible car rental at Milan Linate airport

How many times did you find overcrowded rental agency desks at the airport? If you're looking for a flexible and comfy solution to avoid staying in line and filling a lot of paperwork, with SHARE NOW, you've just found a perfect alternative to travel from Milan Linate by car with peace of mind.

You can rent a car spontaneously once you land or, if you like planning your trip, you can even pre-book one of our cars in advance. You will get it delivered even at the airport at the time of your choice. To open the car, you just need your smartphone and the SHARE NOW app! Easy as that!

Guarantee yourself a car
Book a car in advance and we'll deliver it to you – even at the airport

SHARE NOW at the airport

Where can you find us at Linate Airport?

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We're available 24/7. You will find SHARE NOW cars at Parking 2, Level 6 at Linate Airport. Once you reach the parking area, use the app to open your car. The barrier will automatically lift when it detects that you are in a SHARE NOW vehicle. We will take care of the payment.

Once your rental is over, you don't have to return the car back to the airport. You can even park it on any legal public street parking space within the Milan Home Area.


How much does it cost to rent a car at Linate airport?

Prices are transparently shown in the app. You can choose to pay by the minute, hours or day according to your needs. Fuelling/charging, parking and insurance costs are always on us. Please note that at the end of your trip from Linate, an airport fee will be charged.


Solid style.
0,32 €/minute****
15,99 €/hour****
68,75 €/day****
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BMW 1 Series

Comfort with class.
0,29 €/minute****
13,99 €/hour****
60,00 €/day****
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Fiat 500e ⚡️

Next level city car.
0,19 €/minute****
9,99 €/hour****
19,98 €/day****
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Peugeot 208

The power of seduction.
0,26 €/minute****
11,99 €/hour****
29,98 €/day****
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Citroën C3

Feels like home.
0,26 €/minute****
11,99 €/hour****
29,98 €/day****
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Your advantages

Why rent a car with SHARE NOW?

You can fuel for free at partner gas stations. Plus: No need to refuel before you return the car!

By adding this option when you prebook a car, you can share the driving load with a travel companion.

You can rent a car per hours, day, week or even for a month. With SHARE NOW, we've got you covered.

You can cancel your pre-booking for free until 3 hours before pick-up time – directly in the app!

What to know about car rental with SHARE NOW

How to get to Milan from Linate?

Linate is Milan's closest airport to the city centre. It takes only 30 minutes by car to get there. Once you're behind the wheel, simply take Via Enrico Forlanini towards SP15b. After making a U-turn, continue onto one of the main streets of the city, Viale Corsica, towards Piazzale Dateo, from where you can easily reach any destination.

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What to visit from Linate?

If Malpensa serves the north-west part of Milan, Linate covers the east of the city and is a very important traffic hub due to its proximity to the Autostrada del Sole (A1) motorway. From here it is possible to reach Bologna and Florence in the fastest way and travel across the entire country from North to South. If you plan to stay in the area, from Linate you can easily visit Bergamo and Monza or take advantage of weekend getaways to Lake Iseo or Garda. Take a look at the travel guide we have prepared!




The prices depend on the car model, location and starting time of your reservation or rental (if you have not reserved in advance) and are currently only valid in Hamburg, Munich, Berlin, Cologne and Dusseldorf. Prices from 0,09 € only apply for the car types, "Fiat 500", "BMW i3", “Peugeot 208” and certain MINI models and depend on location and starting time. Before you start the reservation or rental via the app, you will be asked to confirm the respective price.


The minute rate includes 200 km of mileage. A long distance rate of 0,39 € per kilometer will apply for each additional kilometer after the included mileage. Hourly and daily rates do not include mileage and each kilometre driven will be charged between 0,23 € and 0,27 € (depending on car model category). The daily price displayed is for a 30-day rental.


All SHARE NOW cars are covered by third-party liability insurance and your deductible is always automatically reduced to a specific amount in case of an accident. This agreement is waived, however, in cases of gross negligence. To learn more, please check out our terms and conditions.


You are responsible for parking costs incurred in private parking garages. Additional parking rules apply.