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I forgot my magic PIN. How can I retrieve it?

You can always request your magic PIN in the app:

Open the app ▶ Menu ▶ My account ▶ Request PIN

We will then send your PIN to your mobile phone number via SMS. Your PIN cannot be changed.

Is your account already locked after entering the wrong PIN too many times? No worries, you can easily unlock it yourself:
Follow the app unlock instructions ▶ Enter your driver's license number

Your account will then be unlocked and the PIN will be sent to your mobile phone number via SMS.

No longer have access to your mobile phone number? No problem, just give us a call!

What should I do if I've had an accident?

Oh no! We hope everything is alright. Dial 112 immediately and wait until the accident has been processed by the police. Also, call Customer Support to inform us about the accident. Our hotline number can be found in the app.

What should I do if the engine doesn’t start?

Relax. In most cases, there’s nothing wrong with the car. As a safety measure, we remotely lock the engine so that the car can’t be driven off while you’re away. When you’re ready to drive again, simply unlock the engine via the app. If that doesn’t work, remove the car key from ignition and try again.

How do I refuel SHARE NOW cars?

You don't have to refuel our cars, but if you choose to, the cost is on us and we'll even give you credit for it! In Italy you can decide to fuel up yourself (we call it the “self-service” way) or get assistance from the fuel station staff, if available (which we call the “serviced” way). Here's how to refuel our cars:

  1. Find one of our partner fuel stations
  2. Generate your unique fuelling barcode in the app
  3. Scan the code at the terminal or show it to the staff
  4. Refuel the car (self-service) or ask for assistance (serviced). Please pay attention to the correct fuel type by checking inside the car's fuel tank door.
  5. Drive off! We'll take care of payment automatically.

Hint: When you fully refuel a car that has less than 40% of fuel, you earn 4,00 € of credit. You can use this credit to pay for your trips and trip-related costs. Fueling is free unless you do so at unapproved fuel stations or outside of the country. In these cases, you'll have to pay for it yourself and request a reimbursement later.

How do I charge an electric car?

Charging an electric car is fun and – dare we say – addictive:

  1. Find a charging station near you using the app.
  2. Take out the charging card from the glove compartment (or armrest).
  3. Use the card to activate the charging station.
  4. At the station, select the charging socket you want. This unlocks the socket so you can plug the cable in.
  5. Take out the charging cable from the car's trunk.
  6. Make sure the car is connected properly to the station and actively charging.
  7. End your trip. Easy as that!

Hint: Each time you fully charge a car that has less than 35% battery level, you earn 5,00 € of credit. This will be used to pay for your trips and trip-related costs. Just make sure you end your trip after you charge the car!

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Where can I park and end my trip?

To end the trip, you need to be inside the Home Area. The Home Area is our operative area, in which SHARE NOW cars free-float around the city. You can park for free on any legal public street parking space within this area. It's possible to park and end your trip in drop off zones outside the city in your Home Area, but a drop off fee will apply.

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How do I add a new payment method?

You can easily add a new payment method directly in the app:

Open the app ▶ Menu ▶ Payment ▶ Edit payment profile(s) ▶ Add payment profile

An initial test charge of 7,50 € will be pre-authorised on your payment method to make sure your card or bank account is working. Don't worry: This amount will not actually be charged to you.