Milan, January 18, 2022

SHARE NOW Closes a Good 2021 Reaching 3.4 Million Users Throughout Europe

  • 540,000 new subscriptions in 2021
  • Excellent development in all Italian cities
  • High demand for pre-booking daily rates

Milan, January 18, 2022 – SHARE NOW, free-floating car-sharing market leader, continues its unstoppable expansion reaching 3.4 million members throughout the 16 European cities in which it operates. Only in 2021, nearly 540,000 new subscriptions to the service were made. This corresponds to an users’ increase of 30 percent compared to the previous year.

"Although 2021 was still marked by the impacts of the pandemic, SHARE NOW achieved excellent results. We have focused on strengthening our product and meeting the new mobility needs of our users. Thanks to our constant commitment, over half a million new customers have opted for our service in 2021 alone”, stated Olivier Reppert, CEO of SHARE NOW. “Another important step was the enhancement of our fleet. By including Citroën, Fiat and Peugeot models, we do not only confirm to have the most varied fleet on the market, but also increase the flexibility of our users.”

Development of SHARE NOW in Italy
Even in the Bel Paese, SHARE NOW closes a 2021 year of success: with a total of about 725,000 members and about 2,000 shared vehicles, Italy is ranked at the second place among the countries with the highest number of members and the widest fleet, immediately after Germany.

Rome is the Italian city in which SHARE NOW has the largest number of users, having already exceeded 300,000 members. Milan, on the other hand, recorded the best growth both in terms of average distance and average duration driven per rental: in Milan, in fact, a SHARE NOW rental lasts an average of 10 km (+26% compared to 2020) and 57 minutes (+19%). Despite the stable growth compared to the previous year, also data from other Italian locations are noteworthy: Rome users travel on average 12 km and 74 minutes, while in Turin 7 km and 32 minutes.

High Demand For Pre-booking Daily Rates
The growth in average mileage is a consequence of the increasing number of rentals made with the long-term option of SHARE NOW that allows users to book a car from 1 to 30 consecutive days. For these rentals, the customers have the possibility to pre-book a car up to 100 days beforehand free of charge. In Italy this pre-booking function is very well received having increased by 183% compared to 2020. Turin, in this case, is the city that has experienced the highest growth, more than tripling the number of the pre-boooking  option (+256%). Milan and Rome scored respectively a +194% and +144% compared to the previous year.

SHARE NOW for Business
Growing numbers are also noticed for the corporate product, SHARE NOW for Business: about 500 new companies have registered with the Corporate Account in the last year and, comparing 2020 with 2021, both the average duration and the average distance of business rentals increased respectively by 43% and 39%.