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12.08.2021 SHARE NOW gives new life to its fleet: the Fiat 500X will arrive and further new models are expected by the end of the year 🇬🇧 Download
12.07.2021 FREE NOW will offer car sharing vehicles of SHARE NOW across Europe to its app users 🇬🇧 Download
07.07.2021 Share Now Welcomes the New Call for Car Sharing in Turin: The Fee Payable By Operators to the Municipality Has Been Reviewed. 🇬🇧 Download
23.06.2021 The new SHARE NOW Summer Campaign gets here to experience new outlooks while earning points with the Rewards program 🇬🇧 Download
07.06.2021 5,000 Times Around the World: SHARE NOW Sets New Record With 200 Million Electric Driven Kilometers 🇬🇧 Download
10.05.2021 SHARE NOW proposals to give a concrete support to the car sharing sector 🇬🇧 Download
24.03.2021 SHARE NOW Launches World's First Car Sharing Loyalty Program in 14 Cities in Europe 🇬🇧 Download
19.01.2021 SHARE NOW Defies the Pandemic with a Good Financial Year 2020 🇬🇧 Download
24.12.2020 SHARE NOW thanks Rome: Cancelling the annual fee for car-sharing companies 🇮🇹 Download
09.12.2020 SHARE NOW for Business Is Growing: Over 34.000 Clients in Italy 🇬🇧 Download
15.10.2020 SHARE NOW chooses an Italian brand to introduce third-party vehicles for the first time: FIAT 500s arrive in 5 German cities 🇮🇹 Download
30.09.2020 SHARE NOW would like to thank the City of Turin for its support to car sharing companies 🇮🇹 Download
10.08.2020 SHARE NOW’s Long-Term Car Sharing numbers are increasing 🇮🇹 Download
14.05.2020 SHARE NOW launches the new Pass25 and Pass50 offer 🇮🇹 Download
30.03.2020 SHARE NOW launches the CARE NOW campaign dedicated to our everyday heroes 🇮🇹 Download
20.01.2020 SHARE NOW finalizes the merger of car2go and DriveNow: Starting from tomorrow, all vehicles will be available on a single platform 🇮🇹 Download