Milan, 7 June 2021

5,000 Times Around the World: SHARE NOW Sets New Record With 200 Million Electric Driven Kilometers

  • Across Europe, SHARE NOW customers have covered a total of 200 million electrically driven kilometers since 2011
  • The rental duration of a shared e-vehicle has increased by 23 percent
  • Around 11,000 electric trips take place every day with the car sharing provider

Milan, June 7, 2021 – To mark the UN's World Environment Day on June 5, the coming weekend is all about sustainability. Many people have already integrated a greater awareness of the environment into their everyday lives and are focusing on sustainable mobility. This is also shown by the figures of SHARE NOW, market leader and pioneer in free-floating car sharing: since the first electric vehicles were infleeted in 2011, customers across Europe have covered 200 million fully electric kilometers. That is equivalent to around 5,000 circumnavigations of the globe.

SHARE NOW has been investing in electromobility for ten years and operates a quarter of its total fleet electrically. "200 million kilometers driven electrically impressively show how much shared mobility can relieve cities," says Olivier Reppert, CEO of SHARE NOW. "With our electric vehicles, we offer our customers easy access to sustainable mobility. At the same time, we are reinforcing the positive effects of car sharing and making electric mobility suitable for everyday use."

Increasing rental duration and 11,000 electric trips per day
The trend towards longer trips shows that users are happy to use electric car sharing. In the past five months (January to May), the average rental duration of an e-vehicle from SHARE NOW across Europe has increased by 23 percent compared to the previous year. The front-runner here is the fully electric location of Stuttgart, with an increase of 40 percent.

SHARE NOW currently operates 2,900 e-vehicles from BMW, MINI, smart, and Fiat at four purely electric (Stuttgart, Amsterdam, Madrid, Paris) and four partially electric locations (Hamburg, Munich, Copenhagen, Budapest). In these locations, an electric car is rented by around 600,000 customers every eight seconds. That means that around 11,000 electric trips take place every day.

The car sharing provider recently added the Fiat 500e to its fleet portfolio in Amsterdam and is continuing to drive electric mobility forward. "We already operate the largest electric free-floating vehicle fleet in Europe. SHARE NOW thus offers millions of city dwellers an easy first contact with electric vehicles. In the long term, we want to attract even more users to this sustainable drive mode," says Reppert.