Milan, March 22, 2022

SHARE NOW brings electric car-sharing to Italy: the Fiat 500e arrives in Milan

  • SHARE NOW introduces 100 Fiat 500e to the Milan fleet
  • The new electric model will have a 320 km range
  • Users will be able to use the shared e-cars for long-term rentals of up to 30 days

Milan, March 22, 2022 – SHARE NOW, the European leader in free-floating car-sharing, introduces fully-electric vehicles in Italy: 100 Fiat 500e Business Launch Edition will be added to the Milan fleet. The first 20 vehicles are available from today for the 250,000 Milanese users. The completion of the fleet will take place gradually in the coming weeks, thus representing 10 percent of the total SHARE NOW vehicles in Milan.

"With the new Fiat 500e we want to give a boost to electric mobility in Milan. Thanks to our service, the citizens of Milan will be able to experience, perhaps for the first time, an electric vehicle and opt for this sustainable mobility solution in their daily lives," explains Andrea Leverano, Regional Operations Director South West of SHARE NOW. "Thanks to its small size, the Fiat is perfect for short rentals in the city, but, with a range of 320 kilometers, it is also suitable for longer distances. In fact, the Fiat 500e is equipped with modern fast-charging technology and is ready for use very quickly."

With a capacity for 4 people, in addition to the usage in city traffic, the new electric arrivals are perfectly suited for rentals of up to 30 consecutive days. Pricing of the Fiat 500e starts from 0.19 EUR per minute and there will be dedicated pricing packages for hourly and daily rentals as well. With a full battery recharge, which takes about 45 minutes, the range of the vehicle is 320 kilometers (WLTP), which may vary slightly depending on the driving behavior of the user and weather conditions. The battery status is displayed both on the app and in the vehicle. Recharging will be carried out by a dedicated service team, but is also possible for the users themselves, who will receive €5 credit if the car had a battery level of less than 40% at the start of the charging process. All cars will be equipped with BeCharge cards for recharging on their national network and on Enel X's roaming network. More providers will be added in the coming weeks. In addition, when the vehicle is charged and ready to use, customers can independently disconnect the car from the charging station and begin the rental.

The new 4-seaters are available in four different colors (Solid White, Onyx Black, Mineral Grey and Celestial Blue) and have been equipped with innovative technology: automatic emergency braking, lane control, hill assist, Apple CarPlay and Android Auto functionality, navigation and media entertainment system.

How to start and end the rental
Rental can be started, as usual, through the SHARE NOW app. The new model no longer features the screen on the windshield that indicates the PIN to access the vehicle. Users simply select the desired car, enter the PIN into the app and the car will automatically open. Next, the vehicle key is located in the glove compartment. To start the engine, the customer must apply the brake and start the engine with the "Start" button. Then the customer must select the "D" gear and they can drive away. At the end of the rental with the Fiat 500e, the parking position "P" must be selected so that the handbrake is engaged. The car must never be parked in the "N" position. The customer can then turn off the engine and return the car key to the holder provided in the glove compartment. After that, the rental can be ended as usual via the SHARE NOW app.