Milan, August 12, 2021

SHARE NOW gives new life to its fleet: the Fiat 500X will arrive and further new models are expected by the end of the year

Milan, August 12, 2021 – SHARE NOW, pioneer and leader in the free-floating car sharing, is expanding the portfolio of models available in its fleet, bringing third-party vehicles to Italy for the first time: the Fiat 500X. The introduction of the new vehicles will start in Rome and Turin, where respectively 130 and 50 Fiat 500X will arrive by the end of the summer. During fall, further new models will be made available, also in Milan. Therefore, together with the longtime BMW, MINI and smart brands, SHARE NOW will offer the most varied car sharing fleet on the market, made up in Italy of about 2,300 cars and 11 different models.

“After a year and a half in which we have all traveled slowly, we can say that we are finally leaving with a bang! In fact, we are proud to welcome in the SHARE NOW family an iconic product of the Italian automotive sector, the Fiat 500X " - stated Andrea Leverano, Regional Operations Director South West of SHARE NOW, who continues - "In addition to the Fiat, other brand new vehicles will soon arrive in Italy, so that we will be allowed to offer to our 710,000 Italian users, as well as tourists and business travelers who are returning to travel and to use the service in our Country, an ever wider range of models which adapts more and more to their different needs”.

The new Fiat 500X’s cost will start from 0.29 euro per minute and can be rented for both short-term minute-based and longer trips up to 30 days, even across the border, thus being adaptable to every travel needs. The Fiat 500X is, in fact, the crossover SUV of the wide 500 range, a car that, thanks to its compact size, is suitable for both urban and extra-urban use. The external line takes up the stylistic concepts of the small three-door Sedan, but of course there are five doors, and the capacity is five people. The rental can be started and ended, as usual, via the SHARE NOW app. The new models are not equipped anymore with a screen on the windshield indicating the PIN to access the vehicle. Users simply select the desired car, enter their PIN in the app and the car will open automatically.

More information about the new vehicle model can be found here: